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War Flowers 乱世丽人行 Episode 13 Recap

Sun Jinbao told Xie Ruoxue that he would do everything in his power to rescue her. In fact, Xie Ruoxue understood that Sun Jinbao was comforting herself. At the same time, Li Wenxuan was also running around to rescue Xie Ruoxue, all of which made Xie Ruoxue very moved. Han Shuying suddenly thought of a way to rescue Xie Ruoxue. She told her uncle and aunt that they would transfer the house to them as soon as they withdrew their complaint. Han Shuying’s uncle and aunt firmly disagreed and insisted that Xie Ruoxue be held criminally responsible. Seeing this, Han Shuying told his uncle and aunt if they did not agree to this condition, let them and Han Weisong all move out of the house, and then they would use the money to sell the house to get Xie Ruoxue out of the prison.

After a long time weighing the pros and cons, Han Shuying’s aunt finally agreed to Han Shuying’s suggestion. In order to rescue herself, the practice of giving up the house deeply moved Xie Ruoxue. She called Han Shuying for her sister for the first time, and the relationship between them became very close. Han Shuying said that they could not go to Li Wenxuan at this time, because Li Wenxuan was a teacher after all, they had to be a teacher, and they dragged their families to find him, which would have a bad influence on Li Wenxuan. At this time, Xie Ruoxue took out the money he had made by using his job to resell commodities and relieved their urgent needs.

The power of the gang has been paying attention to Xie Ruoxue for a long time. When Xie Ruoxue was released from prison, he immediately arranged a force to kill him. Xie Ruoxue and Han Shuying found someone to follow and hurriedly escaped. On the way, the box containing the money dropped to the ground. Han Shuying told Xie Ruoxue not to take care of anything outside her body. It was the right way to run away first, but Xie Ruoxue did not listen, and turned back to get the box. The result was caught by the gang, Han Shuying judged to catch It was Han Weisong who went to Xie Ruoxue. Han Shuying was now homeless and had to take Xie Jiadong to St. Paul’s Church for a while. There was her mother-in-law, Mariama, when she was a child. Han Shuying asked Mariama to help Xie Jiadong and save Xie Ruoxue herself. After inquiries, Han Shuying learned from Zhang Ma’s mouth that Han Weisong sent Xie Ruoxue to the Immortal House, the opium museum opened by the Japanese.

After arriving at the Opium Museum, Han Shuying realized that Han Weisong not only smuggled opium but also collaborated with the Japanese long ago. Han Shuying overhears the conversation between Han Weisong and the Japanese, and learns that Han Weisong deliberately unloaded the goods of the Black Buddha, and that the opium did not sink into the sea, but was dropped into the Japanese opium pavilion, all of which are Japanese s arrangement. Han Shuying accidentally touched the bottle in the corner and was discovered by the Japanese. Han Shuying ran away in a hurry and met a kind girl to help her escape. After escaping, Han Shuying took the truth to the police station to find Sun Jinbao to help himself. Sun Jinbao and Han Shuying went to Heisongtang to question the Black Buddha. The Black Buddha and Han Shuying greeted each other with a few words. Han Shuying told the Black Buddha that if he released Xie Ruoxue, he would tell him where the goods were.

Black The Buddha agreed to Han Shuying. If she said it was true, she immediately thanked Ruo Xue. Then, the Black Buddha went to the fairy house to investigate whether his goods were really here. After verification, the lost goods were really here. For strict discipline, the army decided to investigate the smoke ghost soldiers. An arrested soldier snatched a gun and hijacked Han Shuying, who was waiting for the Black Buddha to come out.

At this time, officer He Chutian came out to spend some time with the smoker and suddenly violently killed the smoker. Han Shuying was not used to He Chutian’s decisive determination. She asked him why he wanted to kill people casually. When she was confronted with He Chutian, the Black Buddha came out and hesitated to compensate He Chutian. The Black Buddha released Xie Ruoxue, saw the misery of the big smoker, and listened to Han Shuying’s advice not to continue selling opium. The Black Buddha also felt that he was doing something wrong, so he promised that after processing the batch, Never touch the opium business again.

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