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War Flowers 乱世丽人行 Episode 10 Recap

Just as everyone was in a hurry, a doctor brought the family building over. It turned out that the couple saw the Han couple throwing Xie Jiadong into the wild and felt compassionate. They found the hospital bill from Xie Jiadong and sent Xie Jiadong to the hospital according to the drawing. The people in the hospital according to Xie Jiadong’s The registered address sent the child back. Han Shuying took out the money and thanked the couple. Sun Jinbao asked them to tell the story and see if the people in the house were familiar to them.

The peasant woman just pointed at Aunt Han Shuying’s aunt, and Aunt Han Shuying’s aunt became angry and threatened to let the couple eat the lawsuit. The peasant woman was scared to speak. Sun Jinbao speculated that Han Shuying’s uncle rented a black Ford car at 1.30 in the afternoon. At two o’clock, Han Shuying’s aunt brought Xie Jiadong to the Ford car. The truth was revealed, and what Uncle Han Shuying did was revealed. Xie Ruoxue slaps Mrs. Han angrily. Xie Ruoxue wanted Han Shuying to bring her uncle and aunt to court, and Han Shuying pleaded with Xie Ruoxue, after all, it was her uncle and aunt. Afterwards, Han Shuying asked her uncle and aunt to separate, and the house sold half of the property. Her aunt and uncle were unwilling to agree, and played a lot of emotional cards in the hope that she could cancel the request for separation.

Han Shuying said that as long as they can tolerate the next family building, they can be treated as if this has not happened. Xie Ruoxue did not want to expose the matter in this way. She asked Mrs. Han to make a big bedroom for herself and her family, and threatened her that as long as something happened to her family, she would never end with Mrs. Han. Mrs. Han and Mr. Han, who had been caught by the handle, decided to be patient first and wait for the opportunity to make a comeback. After experiencing so many ups and downs, unconsciously, the relationship between Xie Ruoxue and Han Shuying is getting better and better, and they can even talk and laugh together.

Han Shuying persuaded Xie Ruoxue to forgive her uncle and aunt a little, and Xie Ruoxue promised her that as long as they did not provoke, she would not take the initiative to cause trouble. Han Shuying took Xie Jiadong out and met Sun Jinbao who had been waiting in front of her for a long time. Sun Jinbao told Han Shuying that he had been a janitor in her school for three years and called her a rickshaw. After Han Shuying left, Sun Jinbao’s colleagues kept teasing him. Sun Jinbao also understood that he should find a way to approach Han Shuying. It happened that Xie Ruoxue was out, so Sun Jinbao asked his colleagues to follow Xie Ruoxue. On the street, Li Wenxuan gave a generous and anti-Japanese speech. After the speech, he and Han Shuying took home with Xie Jiadong. On the way, Li Wenxuan encouraged Han Shuying, saying that everything she experienced could not be carried by everyone, and he admired Han Shuying’s character.

He also said that every Chinese person, as long as he strives to be himself The thing is to fight It’s day. The beauty-loving Xie Ruoxue was tricked into a small courtyard by a middle-aged woman on the grounds of trying cosmetics. The cosmetic store on the surface is actually a brothel. Xie Ruoxue felt more and more wrong and decided to leave. But the two policemen who followed her rushed in and took her to the police station along with other prostitutes. Sun Jinbao performed a play in partnership with his colleagues and told Xie Ruoxue that unless the family came to lead her, otherwise she would not be allowed to go out according to the regulations.

Xie Ruoxue called Han Shuying, and the heart-blowing Sun Jinbao chatted with Han Shuying for a long time. Han Shuying led Xie Ruoxue home and decided to find a job for her. Han Shuying asked her uncle and aunt to talk about it. Eventually, her uncle agreed to help arrange Xie Ruoxue’s work. Xie Ruoxue came to work, but Tong, who took the class, always saw him as unsightly. It turned out to be a ghost made by Han Shuying’s aunt. She secretly told Tong to tell Xie Ruoxue how to do it. At this time, someone called Xie Ruoxue to find a vice president, and this vice president was Han Weisong who was struggling to pursue Xie Ruoxue.

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