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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 34 Recap

Liu Siyang finally began to face reality under Shen Jingzhi’s painstaking persuasion. He asked Shen Jingzhi and Mei Fengju to talk about the past together. He wanted to learn about Qiao Huimin and every family and friend around him through their narration. Shen Jingzhi recounted the past of their classmates on the NTU campus, and Mei Fengju told him the past of Qiao Huimin. Liu Siyang listened attentively, he wanted to re-engrave all of this in his mind.

Mei Fengju returned home with great emotions about Liu Siyang. She asked Ma Jiajun to also tell Liu Siyang about the past of him and Hao Jiali. Although it was unbearable, it was a piece of history. Ma Jiajun agreed. He felt that he owed Liu Siyang a confession. After so many things, Ma Jiajun became tolerant and generous. He calmly told Liu Siyang the grievances between them because of Hao Jiali.

Now that Ma Jiajun has abandoned the floating prosperity, he offered to go to the pig farm run by Gao Weichen to help. Mei Fengju is afraid of a gap in his heart, but Ma Jiajun feels that dealing with pigs is simpler, and will allow her weak self-control to avoid the temptation of money and women. He felt very good and calm. Mei Fengju saw that he had the consciousness to analyze himself, so he supported him.

Liu Siyang slowly began to relearn knowledge under Qiao Huimin’s care. Qiao Huimin accompanied him to the places they had visited in the past and told him about the past experiences in the old place. Liu Siyang listened peacefully to Qiao Huimin’s words. From time to time, some fragments of past events flashed through his mind like meteors.

Wang Fugui still didn’t give up on Qiao Huimin, he went to Liu Siyang’s house to visit him. He saw Liu Siyang holding a textbook for elementary school students studying, and suddenly sneered. He bluntly ridiculed Liu Siyang now that he has turned from a scholar to a cripple. His education level is different from his own. He has money, a car, and a career. Liu Siyang has nothing. Even food and clothing will be a problem. So he didn’t deserve to make Qiao Huimin sacrifice so much. Liu Siyang was very angry.

Wang Fugui’s words stung Liu Siyang deeply, and he fell into deep thought. Finally, he cruelly told Qiao Huimin to let her leave him and stop coming to his own home. He was going to live in the nursing home. Qiao Huimin was very disappointed.

Sa Sa was admitted to Southern University and almost jumped up when she got her admission letter. She quickly called Qiao Huimin to tell her the good news. Qiao Huimin asked her not to tell Liu Siyang for the time being. She wanted Liu Siyang to be disappointed first, and then she would surprise him by telling him the truth. This kind of strong emotion would greatly stimulate his brain and help him recover his memory.

Sure enough, Liu Siyang was very disappointed when he learned that Sasha had failed again. On the day of the freshmen’s admission, Tian Shu brought him to Nantah. Liu Siyang saw the joyous scene of the freshmen’s admission to Nantah. He was full of emotions. He hoped that Sasha could also come here to study. Sasha was waiting in front of the Chinese Department building. Liu Siyang saw her disappointed and comforted her not to be discouraged. Sasha suddenly took out the admission notice and told him that he was admitted, Liu Siyang was surprised. Sasha told him it was Qiao Huimin’s idea. Liu Siyang turned his head and saw Qiao Huimin standing next to him under the big tree.

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