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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 33 Recap

Shen Jingzhi and Mei Fengju made an appointment with Hao Jiali and asked her whether she wanted to remarry Liu Siyang like a good wife and mother. They also accused her of not knowing what she had taught Liu Siyang and made Liu Siyang so attached to her and disgusted Qiao Huimin. Hao Jiali was not angry when she saw them misunderstanding, she told them frankly that she would ask Liu Siyang to ask questions.

Soon, Hao Jiali made an appointment with Qiao Huimin and Shen Jingzhi. Hao Jiali told them that it was Wang Fugui’s ghost, so she told them about Wang Fugui’s smear and falsehood of Qiao Huimin. Everyone suddenly realized that they couldn’t help shaking their heads at Wang Fugui’s bigotry. They all felt that they had underestimated Wang Fugui’s IQ.

One day after Liu Siyang was discharged from the hospital, Shuan Zhu told Qiao Huimin in a very sad mood that Liu Siyang could not bear to become a useless person and became depressed. He locked himself in the room and saw no one. Qiao Huimin wanted to persuade Liu Siyang, but Liu Siyang avoided seeing him. Chuan Zhu was very sad. He had just gotten the opportunity to study in the United States, but Liu Siyang looked like he was not at ease. He decided to give up the opportunity to study abroad. Qiao Huimin tried to persuade Shuan Zhu, but Shuan Zhu made up his mind.

After careful consideration, Qiao Huimin submitted a resignation application to her superiors. She voluntarily went to the Academy of Social Sciences as an ordinary employee. The leader was shocked, and he advised Qiao Huimin not to be impulsive. Qiao Huimin calmly told him that she had decided that she wanted to take time to take care of Liu Siyang and help him restore his memory as soon as possible. The leader sighed with emotion for a while.

When Shen Jingzhi and others heard about it, their reaction was very violent. He summoned a group of former classmates, and everyone persuaded Qiao Huimin. Qiao Huimin didn’t listen at all, she had her own plans. She wants to take care of Liu Siyang and let Shuan Zhu go to school with peace of mind. Seeing that Qiao Huimin had decided, everyone had to respect her decision.

Qiao Huimin doesn’t care about Liu Siyang’s rejection of herself. She wants to take care of Liu Siyang and help him restore his memory. Liu Siyang always avoided her for a thousand miles. Qiao Huimin advised Shuan Zhu not to give up studying abroad and leave the care of Liu Siyang to herself. Chuan Zhu still had to be modest, and Qiao Huimin and others personally sent Chuan Zhu on the plane going abroad.

After weighing and comparing Wang Fugui, he felt that the gap between himself and Qiao Huimin was a bit big. But he still didn’t give up, and even refused to marry Xuezhu just to wait for Qiao Huimin to change his mind. Even Li Daya persuaded him to stop being obsessed with it, but Wang Fugui still couldn’t listen.

Wang Fugui was shocked when he heard that Qiao Huimin had resigned as director, but at the same time he felt that his current status was much higher than Qiao Huimin’s. He imagined that Qiao Huimin would remarry with him in turn. But from the book of heaven, he heard that Qiao Huimin’s resignation was to take care of Liu Siyang, and the book of heaven advised him not to be obsessed, but Wang Fugui still insisted.

Liu Siyang yelled at Qiao Huimin, who had given up everything to take care of her, not letting her approach her. Shen Jingzhi and Mei Fengju sympathized with Qiao Huimin’s situation, and they personally went to Liu Siyang’s house to persuade him. Shen Jingzhi sadly blamed Liu Siyang for not giving up on himself. He asked Liu Siyang to take a good look at Qiao Huimin’s sacrifice for him, and asked him to cooperate and treat Qiao Huimin well. Shen Jingzhi’s words seemed to wake up Liu Siyang, and Liu Siyang began to think deeply.

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