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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 32 Recap

The news that Liu Siyang woke up made everyone who cared about him very happy. However, after he woke up, he had forgotten all the past and his deceased. He even didn’t even know who Qiao Huimin was. Qiao Huimin’s heart is like falling into an ice cave, because for a scholar like Liu Siyang, forgetting all people is second, forgetting all the knowledge or even not knowing the words makes him worse off. Qiao Huimin fell into a deeper grief.

Wang Fugui saw hope again, because Liu Siyang is now like a waste person, and the gap between him and Qiao Huimin, who is the head of the minister, is even greater, so his plan to marry Xuezhu is also stranded. Li Daya was very annoyed that Wang Fugui was still thief at Qiao Huimin, but Wang Fugui still insisted on going his own way. Because he felt that compared to Liu Siyang, the gap between him and Qiao Huimin was smaller than the gap between them.

Wang Fugui visited Liu Siyang in the hospital. Liu Siyang asked him if he knew a woman who often sang beside his bed. Wang Fugui told him that the singing woman was Qiao Huimin, and she liked to sing to charm men. His marriage with Hao Jiali broke down because of her involvement. Liu Siyang suddenly hated Qiao Huimin.

Hao Jiali was guilty of Liu Siyang and she did not have a fixed job, so she took care of Liu Siyang with all her heart. Qiao Huimin could only come to visit him in his spare time at work, but Liu Siyang listened to Wang Fugui’s words and he was close to Hao Jiali, but he scolded Qiao Huimin to stay away from him. Qiao Huimin didn’t understand, so she was very sad.

When Hao Jiali’s father saw Liu Siyang became a waste, he persuaded Hao Jiali not to despise Liu Siyang, and to remarry Liu Siyang, not only to take care of Liu Siyang, but also to give Sasha a complete home, and more importantly, to make up for her guilt towards Liu Siyang. Hao Jiali felt that this was unfair to Qiao Huimin, and she promised to consider it.

After experiencing this, Sa Sa has grown a lot. She began to work hard to study hard and decided to enter a good university in return for Liu Siyang.

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