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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 31 Recap

The radio called Hao Jiali and told her that a taxi driver reported that she had pulled a girl named Sasha to Ping An. Although Hao Jiali inquired about the detailed address, she finally narrowed the scope. Hao Jiali quickly called Liu Siyang.

Just when Liu Siyang was about to rush over, Qiao Huimin told him that Kerry had important matters to talk to him. Kerry told Liu Siyang that domestic universities are too difficult to take exams, and he can help bring Sasha to the United States for college. Liu Siyang expressed his gratitude, but now the top priority is to find Sasha.

Hao Jiali was inquiring around in the Ping Anli community, and they happened to see Sasha and a girl coming back. They saw Hao Jiali ran away. Hao Jiali chased after her. When they chased at the door of a unit, they ran into the door to stop Hao. Belle closed the door. Hao Jiali had to wait at the door for them to come out.

Early the next morning, Sasha and the girl went out to see Hao Jiali, who was awake on the stairs at the door. There was still a trace of guilt in Sasha, but in the end she left quietly. When Liu Siyang got the news, the house was already empty. The landlord told them that the two girls who rented the house had checked out and left. Liu Siyang and his wife were very depressed and had to search again.

The book of heaven sent the pictures of Sasha to the family and asked them to help find them. With the help of Li Daya and Master Yang, Wang Fugui is now fighting with Wu Laoba’s sister Xuezhu. The two got the picture of Sasha and agreed to help find it.

Chuan Zhu knows that Sasha likes to go to bars, and he perseveres in shuttles through the bars to look for. Hard work paid off, he finally saw Sasha and another girl drinking with Huang Mao in a bar. Chuanzhu calmly called Liu Siyang. Liu Siyang rushed to the bar.

Chuan Zhu quietly monitored Sasha and waited for Liu Siyang to come over. At this time, Huang Mao took the opportunity of Sasha to go to the toilet and secretly prescribed medicine into her glass. When Sasha came out of the toilet and was about to drink, she suddenly saw the bolt. Sarah picked up her companion girl and ran away, and Chuanzhu hurried to catch up. Seeing that the situation was wrong, Huang Mao caught up with him and pulled the peg at the entrance of the bar. Puzhu couldn’t get out for a while. Liu Siyang and Qiao Huimin arrived by car.

Chuan Zhu showed Liu Siyang the route of Sasha’s escape. Liu Siyang saw his daughter who was running away hurriedly not far away, and he rushed to the opposite side of the road desperately. Hearing only a harsh brake sound, Liu Siyang was hit hard by a truck, and his blood flowed. Sasha turned her head and saw Qiao Huimin rushed to hug Liu Siyang and let out a heart-piercing cry. Sasha was dumbfounded.

Liu Siyang underwent a craniotomy after being rescued by the hospital. Liu Siyang was in a coma after the operation and his life was hanging by a thread. All the friends came to visit him, and Qiao Huimin stayed by his side, she was worried that Liu Siyang would never wake up again. Qiao Huimin sang their favorite songs in Liu Siyang’s ear over and over again, hoping to wake up Liu Siyang. Sha Sha, who was guilty of self-blame, witnessed Qiao Huimin’s affection for Liu Siyang.

Wang Fugui told Li Daya at this time that he was going to break up with Xuezhu. Li Daya was very surprised. Wang Fugui told him that Liu Siyang might never wake up, so he and Qiao Huimin would have a chance to be together again. This time even Li Daya felt that Wang Fugui had gone crazy. Liu Siyang finally woke up leisurely in the prayers and expectations of his relatives and friends.

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