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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 30 Recap

Chuan Zhu looked around for Sa Sa, and saw Huang Mao at the door of the bar preparing to take Sa Sa to leave. Chuan Zhu rushed to protect Sasha and drove away Huang Mao.

Wang Fugui suddenly received a call from Tianshu, saying that Tianjiao had his head broken by Sasha and was undergoing CT in the hospital. Wang Fugui was shocked and rushed to the hospital in a panic. Seeing that his daughter was injured, Wang Fugui blamed Liu Siyang for all his grievances. He took out the phone and called Qiao Huimin.

At this time, Qiao Huimin and Liu Siyang were accompanying Kerry for Liudaogou’s application for the legacy. Wang Fugui described Tianjiao’s injuries on the phone with jealousy. Qiao Huimin was terrified, and she quickly called Liu Siyang to the hospital. They were relieved when they saw that Tianjiao was fine at the hospital. Qiao Huimin asked Tianjiao why Sasha hurt her.

Tianjiao said that Sa Sha asked herself to have tea and talk about matters. She said that she liked Chuan Zhu to let her leave. Tianjiao didn’t agree, and Sha Sha hurt her head with a teapot. Liu Siyang was shocked when he heard the words. He didn’t expect that Sa Sa would have an admiration for Chuan Zhu.

Liu Siyang was extremely angry, and when he returned home, he scolded Sa Sa violently. Sa Sa was rebellious and dissatisfied, with a paranoid personality that resembled the young Hao Jiali. She couldn’t hear it at all, and ran out of the house to hide in Hao Jiali. Hao Jiali also heard about the fight, and she was also very angry. She angrily accused Sasha of not studying hard and thinking all day long, and don’t come to see her if she can’t enter the university. Sasha ran out angrily.

It was not until the evening that Liu Siyang realized that Sasha was missing. She didn’t answer the call, instead she sent a text message telling them not to look for her again. Liu Siyang realized that Sa Sa ran away from home. Liu Siyang hurriedly called Hao Jiali, Qiao Huimin and others, and everyone looked around all night, but there was no news from Sa Sa. Liu Siyang and Hao Jiali panicked. Qiao Huimin suggested that Hao Jiali go to Mei Fengju and let Mei Fengju help find someone through TV and radio.

Hao Jiali was a little embarrassed when she found Mei Fengju. Mei Fengju is in charge of the TV station. She helps Hao Jiali do an exclusive interview on TV, letting her appeal and search for Salsa through TV. Qiao Huimin mobilized past classmates and educated youth comrades to help find. Liu Siyang took the picture of Sasha to inquire everywhere, but found nothing in the evening.

Gao Weichen suddenly went to Mei Fengju’s house to look for her. He told Mei Fengju that because Ma Jiajun was commended for his meritorious service in prison, he gave Ma Jiajun a bail for medical treatment. He would be released from prison in a few days. He hoped that Mei Fengju would take him in. After all, they are still legal couples. Mei Fengju agreed.

After being released from prison, Ma Jiajun asked Gao Weichen to help him rent a house. When he heard Gao Weichen say that Mei Fengju was willing to take him in, Ma Jiajun was surprised. He was moved by Mei Fengju’s great benevolence. In the evening, Ma Jiajun brought a basin of hot water to Mei Fengju’s bed, and also personally washed Mei Fengju’s feet. Mei Fengju was very uncomfortable. Ma Jiajun assured her that he would never leave this home again.

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