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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 29 Recap

After removing the top bar of the Book of Heaven, Liu Siyang thought that he and Qiao Huimin would finally clear all obstacles. Unexpectedly, Sasha suddenly found Qiao Huimin’s office, and she told Qiao Huimin not to marry Liu Siyang. She hopes that Liu Siyang and Hao Jiali will remarry and let herself have a complete family. She also claimed that she was facing the college entrance examination, and if Qiao Huimin did not agree, she would kneel on the ground to death. Qiao Huimin had to agree.

When Qiao Huimin told Liu Siyang about the extension of the wedding period, Liu Siyang was puzzled. Under his questioning, Qiao Huimin told him his promise to Sa Sa. Liu Siyang talked to Hao Jiali the next day, and he tested Hao Jiali’s views on remarriage. Hao Jiali firmly stated that it was impossible for her to remarry. Liu Siyang realized that Sasha was not instigated by Hao Jiali to prevent her from getting married. He wanted to convince Sasha, but Sasha couldn’t listen. Liu Siyang was very helpless.

Liu Siyang received a call from teacher Sa Sa when he was at work, and the teacher told him that none of his test scores exceeded 20 points. Liu Siyang was very shocked. He didn’t know that Sasha was so bad in her studies. When he got home, he severely criticized Sasha and asked her how Hao Jiali educate her. Sasha told him frankly that Hao Jiali met all her requirements and often gave herself money. When Liu Siyang heard this, he knew that Hao Jiali’s pampering with Sa Sa made her look like she is now.

After the college entrance examination, Mei Fengju’s son Ma Qianli was admitted to the university, and Sa Sa did not accidentally lose her name. Liu Siyang was very embarrassed. Chuan Zhu took the initiative to counsel Sa Sa and wanted her to take the college entrance examination for the second year. Sa Sa’s mind was not on studying at all. She stared at Chuan Zhu intently.

She asked Chuan Zhu to say that she liked herself so that she could learn for him. Chuan Zhu found it particularly absurd. He had always regarded Sasha as his sister. Besides, he is still in love with Tianjiao. Chuan Zhu’s refusal did not dispel Sa Sa’s thoughts.

Liu Siyang’s Academy of Social Sciences and Qiao Huimin’s Department of Culture are busy applying for the world cultural heritage in Liudaogou. They accompanied Kerry, a scholar from the United States, on field trips. Kerry was a classmate of Liu Siyang and Yale. Chuan Zhu found that Sasha was missing at home, and he was looking around in nearby bars.

At this time, Sasha was drinking alone in the bar, and a boy with yellow hair saw that Sasha was drinking alone, and suddenly became ill. He walked over and took the initiative to strike up a conversation with Sasha. When Sasha was so drunk, he took Sasha out and took a taxi to open the house.

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