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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 28 Recap

Under the excitement of the heavenly book, Wu Laoba took up the big glass of wine and drank it for the happiness of Liu Siyang and Qiao Huimin. As a result, when Wu Laoba finished drinking and asked if his words counted, the heavenly book mocked Wu Laoba’s dreams contemptuously, and walked away after speaking. Wu Laoba was very lost, and then fainted with his head in pain.

Wu Laoba eventually died of intracranial hemorrhage. All the educated youth and comrades cried heartbreakingly. Qiao Huimin’s heart was full of guilt. In order to perfect herself and Liu Siyang, Wu Laoba tried his best, but was killed by his own son. Qiao Huimin felt that she was guilty, and she was sad. Liu Siyang desperately suppressed the pain in his heart, and the loss of such a life and death brother also made him feel unhappy.

After all the comrades in arms managed the funeral for Wu Laoba, Qiao Huimin became sick. Mother Li Daya and her son came to see her, Qiao Huimin told Li Daya to ask her to take the heavenly book away, because seeing him would think of Wu Laoba’s death. Then Qiao Huimin told Wang Fugui that he should kowtow to Wu Laoba in front of Wu Laoba’s grave, because after all, Wu Laoba died because of him. Wang Fugui was angrily and refused to agree. But secretly Wang Fugui was still very guilty. When he was alone, he still admitted that he owed Wu Laoba his life.

Liu Siyang made an appointment with the heavenly book. He asked the heavenly book what he would do if he insisted on staying with Qiao Huimin, and what he would do if he left Qiao Huimin by himself. The book of heaven told Liu Siyang that if they insisted on being together, they would drop out of school and sell garlic, and if they separated, they would take a doctorate and show them. Liu Siyang thought for a moment and told him that he would leave Qiao Huimin.

In 2002, ten years later, Liu Siyang was transferred to the Academy of Social Sciences as the dean. That day Liu Siyang’s car was rear-ended by a taxi. When Liu Siyang got out of the car to check, Sasha and Hao Jiali got out of the taxi behind. The family met unexpectedly.

Liu Siyang invited Sasha and her daughter to the hotel for dinner. Liu Siyang asked about Ma Jiajun’s recent situation. Hao Jiali told him that Ma Jiajun was caught and imprisoned for tax evasion. Liu Siyang sighed for a while. When they were talking, they unexpectedly saw Qiao Huimin and Shen Jingzhi approaching. Now Qiao Huimin has been promoted to the head of the Department of Culture, and Shen Jingzhi has also been promoted to the deputy head of the Department. The few people haven’t seen each other in years, and they sat together and chatted.

The next day Liu Siyang was invited by Tianshu to go to a banquet with Qiao Huimin. They only knew that Tianshu was looking for them but did not know what happened. Soon Wang Fugui also came, and the three looked at each other, wondering why the heavenly book called them together.

After Tianshu arrived, he first sincerely thanked his mother for years of cultivation and sacrifices, and then he sincerely and guiltily apologized to Liu Siyang and Qiao Huimin, saying that because he was ignorant, they had fallen in love with each other for 30 years, but they still failed Together, he said he would never obstruct them again. Qiao Huimin and Liu Siyang looked at each other knowingly and smiled. Wang Fugui felt that he was being fooled. He flew into a rage, dropped his cup and left.

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