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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 27 Recap

In order to solve the wage problem of the troubled employees of the song and dance troupe, Qiao Huimin stated on the spot that the wages owed to them must be resolved within three days. All the employees were promised to be a bird and beast, and Liu Dongfeng left angrily. Qiao Huimin called Liu Siyang and asked him to lend 100,000 yuan from the publishing fund to the song and dance troupe. Tianjiao behind Qiao Huimin heard all this.

Qiao Huimin was busy finding a way for the song and dance troupe. She first persuaded Shen Jingzhi to help herself to be the head of the song and dance troupe. Although Shen Jingzhi was a bit embarrassed, she was willing to think about it for Qiao Huimin’s sake. Qiao Huimin knew that he agreed. Up. Then when Qiao Huimin complained to Liu Siyang, Liu Siyang suggested that she find Song Twelve, and win Song Twelve’s company and song and dance troupe to join forces. Qiao Huimin suddenly started.

Song Twelve-Kan agreed to cooperate with the song and dance troupe in the face of Qiao Huimin and Liu Siyang. He proposed to establish a joint-stock company to share profits with the song and dance troupe. Soon the joint-stock company was formally established. With everyone’s help and support, Qiao Huimin’s first step in cultural restructuring was a complete success. However, at this moment, the Disciplinary Inspection Department of NTU found Qiao Huimin.

It turns out that Wang Fugui accidentally heard from Tianjiao that Liu Siyang had embezzled the publication fund to help Qiao Huimin pay. He felt that he had caught Liu Siyang’s handle, so he went to the NTU Disciplinary Inspection Department to report Liu Siyang’s embezzlement of public funds. Secretary Li of the discipline inspection department attached great importance to it, and Deng Xishi was also worried that Liu Siyang was making economic mistakes. Therefore, Secretary Li did not dare to be careless and launched a comprehensive investigation.

After Qiao Huimin knew the reason, he frankly told Secretary Li that Liu Siyang had not embezzled public funds at all. Soon after he called him to borrow money, he realized that this approach was inappropriate. So he did not embezzle, but through the joint venture, Song Twelve used the money in advance.

Wang Fugui’s plan of revenge failed and was frustrated. At this time, Wu Laoba came to him for a drink. Wang Fugui originally refused, but Wu Laoba told him that when Master Yang who fell in love with Li Daya was his uncle, Wang Fugui happily took the book of heaven and drank the wine. Wu Laoba deliberately took the opportunity to use the book of heaven through a set of almost. He wanted to make an appointment with the book of heaven and the past group of educated youths after he became familiar, so that the educated youths could tell him the past of Qiao Huimin and Liu Siyang.

Soon, Hao Jiali and other educated youths in the past held a party at the invitation of Wu Laoba, and Wu Laoba invited Tianshu to attend. At the party, Wu Laoba told the story of Qiao Huimin and Liu Siyang to the heavenly book, and the educated youths present here came out to prove that Wu Laoba’s words were true. Tian Shu didn’t believe it at all, he only believed the words of Grandma Li Daya. Wu Laoba and others were very anxious and tried their best to explain and prove.

The book of heaven knows that Wu Laoba is allergic to alcohol and cannot drink, so he will fight against Wu Laoba, saying that if he dares to drink, he will believe him. All the educated youths discouraged, Wu Lao Bayi gritted his teeth and raised his glass. Tian Shu was still puzzled, he took a big cup and poured almost a bottle of white wine for Wu Laoba to drink. Wu Laoba spared his life and took up the wine glass.

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