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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 26 Recap

Deng Xishi was furious because of the fact that Tianshu broke Nanda’s face at the venue, and he severely criticized Liu Siyang and Qiao Huimin. The two were very depressed. Faced with the current situation, they had to postpone their wedding. Song Twelve and Wu Laoba were excited to come to Liu Siyang to ask for credit, but they were shocked to hear that they had cancelled the wedding. Song Twelve and Wu Laoba looked at each other.

Liu Siyang had a hard time, and Wu Laoba also sighed at the twists and turns of his and Qiao Huimin’s fate. Liu Siyang said that the heavenly book is the top bar, and it is an almost unbreakable resistance. Wu Laoba expressed his sympathy. At this time, Wu Laoba suddenly saw a pair of old people walking in front of him holding his arms. He was overjoyed and told Liu Siyang that he saw hope. He told Liu Siyang that the old lady walking in front was Li Daya, and the old man was his uncle. It turned out that Li Daya met Master Yang who taught her to dance while learning ballroom dancing, and the two went to talk about their evening romance. Wu Laoba decided to ask his uncle as a lobbyist.

Wu Laoba personally visited his uncle’s house. After expressing his wish for his uncle as a lobbyist, he was opposed by his uncle. The uncle told him that Wang Fugui and Qiao Huimin had children and daughters, and it would be great if they were remarried. Seeing that his uncle was stubborn, Wu Laoba had to dispel the idea.

In an instant, more than two months passed, and the marriage of Qiao Huimin and Liu Siyang dragged on. That day, Wang Fugui came to the school to receive the heavenly book. He was shocked to see that his face was hurt. Wang Fugui learned that it was caused by a fight with his classmates, and he was angry. The classmate who immediately fought with Tianshu just walked out of the school gate. Tianshu identified the classmate. Wang Fugui could not help but beat the classmate before going up to the ground, and then drove away.

The next day, when Qiao Huimin was preparing for a meeting, she suddenly received a call from teacher Li from the school. Teacher Li said that Tianshu not only fights with classmates, but also asks adults in the society to help. The parents of the beaten students have now been found. Qiao Huimin was in a hurry for a meeting, but Wang Fugui was unable to contact him for a while, so Qiao Huimin had to call Liu Siyang and ask him to deal with it. As a result, the parents of the beaten student learned that Liu Siyang was not the parent of the student. The more he became angry, he felt that the parents did not apologize sincerely, and said that he was looking for a social person named Wang Fugui. Liu Siyang was shocked to hear that Wang Fugui had beaten him, and couldn’t believe it. The other parent heard that Wang Fugui was also the parent of the student. They were even more angry and insisted on calling the police.

When Wang Fugui came to the school again to pick up the scriptures, he happened to encounter the beaten student leading the police out of the school. The student identified Wang Fugui, who was taken away by a police car before he could argue. Tianshu hurried home and told Li Daya. Li Daya felt that beating was not a big deal, and Qiao Huimin had a wide network of people, so Wang Fugui should be trusted to get him out of the police station. She took the heavenly book to find Qiao Huimin.

Qiao Huimin was very angry when she learned the cause and effect of the incident. She felt that Wang Fugui had made a mistake in hitting the child. She did not want to find someone to save Wang Fugui. The heavenly book hated Liu Siyang even more when he saw Qiao Huimin’s unfeeling appearance. He believed that Qiao Huimin was unwilling to control his father Wang Fugui because of Liu Siyang.

Qiao Huimin went to the hospital to visit the classmate who was beaten, and the parents of the classmate pulled her to make her pay the hospital deposit. Qiao Huimin told them that they had divorced Wang Fugui a long time ago, and they should ask Wang Fugui for the money, but she can bring words to Wang Fugui’s mother. In the evening, Qiao Huimin told Li Daya to let her go to the hospital to pay the deposit, but Li Daya Sapo did not admit it. Qiao Huimin didn’t want to bother with her, so she turned and left after taking the conversation. Li Daya watched Qiao Huimin get into Liu Siyang’s car through the window at home. She angrily told the heavenly book to let him remember that all of this blamed Liu Siyang and he instigated it. The resentment towards Liu Siyang in Tianshu’s heart grew fiercer.

Qiao Huimin insisted on reforming the cultural system. In order to ensure that she had the right to make decisions, she applied to Sun Shoutian to grant her this right. Sun Shoutian agreed after thinking deeply. Qiao Huimin convened a meeting with the head of the troupe headed by Liu Dongfeng, and they jointly wrote a letter of resignation under the encouragement of Liu Dongfeng. Qiao Huimin took Liu Dongfeng’s operation, she talked to them separately, she finally told Liu Dongfeng to let him correct his mistakes, but Liu Dongfeng insisted on doing her own way. Qiao Huimin promptly removed him from his post. Without Liu Dongfeng, who took the lead, the others defended themselves against making trouble.

As soon as Qiao Huimin went downstairs the next morning, she encountered Liu Dongfeng and a group of people banging gongs and drums to demonstrate to her downstairs in the community. Qiao Huimin was not surprised at all, courageous and wise, she figured out the purpose, relationship, organizer and planner of their group in a few words.

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