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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 6 Recap

Chen Pi saw that she could not persuade her Master Er Yuehong to agree to meet with the Japanese. In order to get medicine for her master girl, Chen Pi offered to replace her Master to serve the Japanese. However, Ryoko Tanaka looked down on tangerine peel and sneered at him. The violent tangerine peel couldn’t bear the humiliation of Tanaka Ryoko, so he started.

Chen Pi’s martial arts are so powerful that he not only beats Tanaka’s guards, but also grabbed Tanaka’s throat and threatened her to hand over the medicine. Ryoko Tanaka did not waver, she knew that if she died, Chen Pi would not want to get the medicine. Chenpi had no choice but to let go of Ryoko Tanaka and continued to try to persuade February Red.

The girl’s illness is getting worse, and Er Yuehong accompanies her to hang out. When passing by a photo studio, the girl suggested to Er Yuehong, hoping to take a picture another day. After hearing this, February Red felt that choosing a day was better than hitting the sun, and now he can take pictures immediately. The two are deeply affectionate and put their fond memories in the photos.

In the empty cave, Zhang Qishan saw some corpses lying horizontally and many rotting tools. Everyone guessed that there was a tomb raider here. Just as they were thinking about which door was the person who entered the tomb earlier than them, the sound of singing came again. Qi Tiezui listened carefully, this tune was the same as that sung by Er Yuehong, and the three of them walked in the direction of the sound source.

When he came to the tomb, Qi Tiezui refused to go in, he said that Zhang Foye’s life style was with samādhi, and his life was so hard that he couldn’t match it. Moreover, fortune-telling was originally a matter of revealing the secrets of the secrets and sabotaging the morals. I’m afraid there will be more trouble going down. Listening to Qi Tiezui’s complaining, Zhang Qishan asked Adjutant Zhang to accompany him here, and walk into the tomb alone.

Qi Tiezui is actually a knife-mouthed tofu-hearted person. He saw that Zhang Qishan had been inside for a long time and there was no movement. He was worried that something might happen to him, so he took Adjutant Zhang into the cave to help. Qi Tiezui entered the tomb and accidentally bumped into the wall full of shining moths.

When Qi Tiezui was attacked by moths, Zhang Qishan rescued him. He told Adjutant Zhang and Qi Tiezui to leave quickly, while he stayed in the cave to fight the flash moth. After cleaning up the moths, Zhang Qishan continued to explore, groping on the wall in the cave, and suddenly touched a weird strand of hair. After Zhang Qishan pulled the hair away, he continued to reach out and touched it and found a February red The family emblem.

Suddenly, Zhang Qishan went into a situation, his body refused to obey his orders, so he could only forcefully stay awake at the end and crawl out of the cave. Adjutant Zhang and Qi Tiezui worked together to take Zhang Qishan away from the mine. Unexpectedly, a Japanese spy had long been ambushing outside the cave. Fortunately, Adjutant Zhang’s marksmanship was like a god and protected the dying Zhang Qishan. Zhang Qishan forced his spirits up and ordered Qi Tiezui to take him to the red place of February, then fainted.

American scholar Jude Kao observes all this from a distance. On the surface, this man was employed by a Japanese, but he was selfish and wanted to take the treasures in the mine as his own. In Jude Kao’s car, there is a phonograph, which is playing the song that February Red often sings.

Qi Tiezui and Adjutant Zhang brought Zhang Qishan to Er Yuehong’s house, and Er Yuehong used all his best to pull out the hair that had penetrated Zhang Qishan’s body and burned it. After February Red rescued Zhang Qishan, he suggested Qi Tiezui and Adjutant Zhang to take Zhang Qishan to see the doctor. The two of them heard that there seemed to be a chasing in the words of February Red, so they did not stay here for a long time.

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