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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 5 Recap

The old man kept persuading Zhang Qishan and others not to go in. Seeing that the old man was so emotional, Zhang Qishan must be so scared because he knew what was inside. Under Zhang Qishan’s persecution, the old man finally told a piece of the dusty past. The old man’s ancestors lived by mining for several generations. By the time his father’s time, he was hired by the Japanese to enter the mine for mining.

When the group walked to a door engraved with the words “Whoever enters this door, he must give up all hope”, the Japanese spies drove the Chinese workers away and entered the door themselves. The old man’s father and a few workers waited outside the door, thinking that there seemed to be some treasure inside, and wanted to follow up and grab something to get back, but after a while, everyone ran out in a panic. What terrible thing happened in it is impossible to examine.

Qi Tiezui used hydrochloric acid to corrode the iron fence that sealed the statue, and then asked Zhang Qishan to open the iron fence. After everyone bypassed the goddess of Tianzun, a large area of ​​ruins appeared in front of them. Everyone passed by a place with a lot of abandoned mine carts, and they continued to look forward to find a strange entrance.

After returning from studying in Japan, Xie Jiuye defeated a respected chess master with his ingenious chess skills and the help of six companions. However, he was given enough face and he was a very scheming master. Xie Jiuye seemed to have some thoughts in his mind when he heard that Zhang Qishan was investigating the mine recently.

After Zhang Qishan found the entrance, he pulled Qi Tiezui and continued walking inside. As they walked, they came to a place with a lot of wooden beams and hemp ropes. The wooden beams were cut by a knife, and the ropes were also made into the shape of people hanging. Qi Tiezui looked at it and said Many people have been hanged here. The old man was in a state of panic all the time. He even had hallucinations when he looked at the hanging ropes. A large number of hanged ghosts appeared in front of him, and then he half-crawled and fled the mine. When Zhang Qishan and the others saw the old man in this state, they felt that he was on the verge of collapse, so they did not obstruct, and the three of them continued to explore the depths.

The three of Zhang Qishan continued to walk deep, and when they reached the end of the mine tunnel, they found a water tank there. When Zhang Qishan sensed that the water tank was for blocking something, he shot a shot into the water. When the water tank broke, the water drained out and a hole appeared. Zhang Qishan dug the hole himself, and sure enough there is an underground passage inside. After Zhang Qishan jumped down the passage, Adjutant Zhang also pushed down the flustered Qi Tiezui, and continued with the queen. Everyone walked forward and came to a strange cave. Suddenly, some sounds came from the cave, which scared Qi Tiezui to death. Everyone listened carefully and found that the sound seemed to be someone singing.

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