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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 4 Recap

Chen Pi talked to Master Er Yuehong about the Japanese exchange of medicine for meeting, but she was opposed by Er Yuehong and was denounced. Chen Pi wanted to save the girl, but Master Er Yuehong was so uncooperative, she was very upset. The girl heard the conversation between the two outside the door and expressed support and understanding for Er Yuehong’s actions, but she also advised Er Yuehong not to blame Chen Pi too much. Chen Pi did so out of good intentions.

Zhang Qishan and the others entered the deep mountains and found that there was an old man haunting this desolate place. They chased the man out of curiosity. The old man also ran away in a panic, but dropped the wood and axe on his back to the ground.

Zhang Qishan knew that the old man would return to collect these tools, so he asked Qi Tiezui and Adjutant Zhang to lie beside him, waiting for the old man to appear by himself. Sure enough, the old man turned back to pick up the axe and firewood. Zhang Qishan and others followed the old man to see how sacred he was.

Zhang Qishan broke into the old man’s house and found a lot of military supplies in his house. Under repeated questioning by Zhang Qishan and Qi Tiezui, the old man had to confess that these things were picked up, and then they were taken to a dilapidated yard. The smelly smell in the yard, corpses all over the field, very disgusting.

The old man said that he was greedy for money and stole things from these dead people. He explained to Zhang Qishan that he was living here. Suddenly some people came to the mine six months ago and gave him some money and drove him away. When the sky smelled the stench, he discovered that people were dead here.

Zhang Qishan carefully inspected the corpses and found that the dead bodies were the same as those in the train, and they also had the exact same tattoos. The only difference was that the corpses here had their heads shaved. Zhang Qishan asked the old man to take them to the entrance of the mine. At first, the old man wanted to flick Zhang Qishan, but he failed. In desperation, he led them on. When everyone came to a cemetery, the old man stopped them from moving forward. Zhang Qishan felt that something was strange and immediately went to the cemetery to see what happened. Soon, Zhang Qishan found that a tombstone was a bit weird.

After he broke the tombstone, a hole leading to the ground immediately appeared in front of him. He immediately led the group into the underground passage to explore. During this period, the timid Qi Tiezui thought that there was a big evil here, and repeatedly persuaded Zhang Qishan not to go too deep, but Zhang Qishan, who did not believe in the fate, walked forward without fear. , And the loyal Adjutant Zhang was behind, and everyone slowly walked to the depths of the passage.

After a while, a statue appeared in front of the statue. There was an iron fence in front of the statue. Qi Tiezui said, this statue resembles the statue of Tianzun Mother God. Tianzun Mother is the most important god in Xuanguan Tao. Someone here put him here. Explain that there must be something incredible below. After Zhang Qishan heard this, he immediately got excited, determined to break in and see what happened.

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