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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 3 Recap

Several merchants came to Tongtai Wharf to buy some antiques and resell them, but when they asked for inspection, they were refused. The businessmen found it difficult to accept, so they quarreled with the dock workers and said that the previous rules with Erye Er Yuehong were not like this. At this time, Chenpi spoke to stop the dispute and insisted on not allowing inspections. The merchants had to compromise, because the goods purchased from Chenpi were all first-class and they could make a lot of money.

Since February Red has not touched those underground gadgets, Tongtai Wharf has been taken care of by her apprentice Chenpi. Chenpi is now the rudder owner of Tongtai Wharf and has a reputation for selling antiques. The businessmen complimented the tangerine peel, while speaking demeaning to Er Yuehong and the girl, in order to please this master Chen Duo. Chen Pi heard this man insulting his wife, and stretched out an iron claw to kill him. Everyone no longer dared to speak wild words, only begging Chen Pi for his life.

Zhang Qishan and the three met several outsiders in the town. They asked these people about the train and asked them why they came here. Zhang Qishan learned that they were here to do some casual work and eat food, but when asked about the train, these people kept silent and hurried back to the room to sleep. Zhang Qishan felt that their expressions and behavior were a little abnormal, and when they were sleeping, the shoes beside the bed were neatly arranged, and they looked like they were ready to leave at any time, so he remained vigilant and rested beside them with Qi Tiezui and Adjutant Zhang.

Early the next morning, the three outsiders quietly left, Zhang Qishan and others immediately followed them, chasing them into the thick fog. Unexpectedly, they took advantage of the fog to hide their whereabouts and carried out a sneak attack on Zhang Qishan and the others. Fortunately, Zhang Qishan’s martial arts was so powerful that they subdued the three.

It was concluded that they must have something to do with the train case, but when Zhang Qishan forced a confession to them, they swallowed the poison that had been hidden in their mouths. Although the people were dead, Zhang Qishan believed that they had a sudden attack here. There must be something weird. So he looked around and found that there was a hidden railway going straight to the mountains. Zhang Qishan estimated that this was the place where the Japanese did secret experiments.

Japanese spy Ryoko Tanaka came to Changsha and seemed to be carrying out some secret operation. She asked to see Er Yuehong many times, but was refused. This time, she bought a servant from Liyuan, and then secretly entered Liyuan and asked Er Yuehong for help. Er Yuehong has always hated the Japanese, but this time she was forced to come home, and she was even more disgusted with Ryoko Tanaka. Seeing that Er Yuehong was determined, Tanaka decided to start with tangerine peel.

She knew that tangerine peel was very concerned about the sick teacher and girl, so she exchanged the good medicine in her hand, hoping that tangerine peel would help introduce it. Chen Pi heard that there was a cure for the girl’s disease, and was moved. When he returned to the house, he happened to see that the girl accidentally knocked over the bowl while making noodles in the kitchen, and then coughed wildly. Chenpi felt very distressed and felt that it was urgent to take medicine to treat the girl.

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