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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 2 Recap

Er Ye Er Yuehong returned to the house with the ring, and his wife, the girl, personally cooked a bowl of noodles to comfort her husband who had returned from Liyuan. The two couples, Er Yuehong and Yatou, are very respectful and affectionate, but the girl’s body is not very good. She covered her chest and coughed before saying a few words. Er Yuehong felt sorry for her, and ordered her servant to accompany her back to the room to rest. It was getting late, and February Red opened the hidden door hidden behind the bookcase and entered a secret room.

Although the secret room is full of institutions, as the owner of the secret room, February Hongdu easily rushed through them one by one and reached the depths of the secret room. Er Yuehong entered the innermost room of the secret room. The room was full of eerie objects, as well as some maps and photos. Er Yuehong took out a ring from a box and looked at it. This ring was exactly the same as the one Zhang Qishan had brought.

Zhang Qishan invited Qi Tiezui home at night and told Qi Tiezui that Er Yuehong refused to help. Although Er Yuehong refused to help, she also left Zhang Qishan’s advice that he had better not touch this. Zhang Qishan didn’t think so. The train appeared so suddenly, the scene inside the car was so weird, and the Northern and Southern Dynasties appeared in the coffin. All these reasons made Zhang Qishan feel that Changsha might be in crisis.

Zhang Qishan took out the railway map and told Qi Tiezui that although they did not know the source of the coffin for the time being, they could find the source of the train. He pointed to the railway map and analyzed it to Qi Tiezui. Although all the railways coming from the northeast were blown up, Changsha’s tracks along the northeast were good. Among them, the mountains are endless, and there must be tracks connected to the mines. There are often mines. The Tao is hidden in the mountains, so it is inferred that the train departed from the mine.

At this time, Qi Tiezui mentioned that the mine seems to be not very peaceful recently. There are many Japanese spies there who seem to be planning some conspiracy. Zhang Qishan immediately thought that the Japanese might be conducting secret experiments there, so he immediately asked Qi Tiezui to pay back. Adjutant Zhang went with him to the mine to find out.

Er Yuehong is very worried about his wife’s illness. He feels that this is the fault of his family business, and the retribution is on his wife. Er Yuehong swears in front of the ancestral tablet that he will no longer contaminate the ancestral business, hoping that his ancestors will protect his wife’s health. On the other side, the girl was in a daze by the lake, Chen Pi put a coat on her from behind. Chen Pi is Er Yuehong’s apprentice and seems to have a special affection for the girl.

Zhang Qishan and his party came to the town near the mine, planning to find someone to ask about the situation. Antiquities in the town were scattered everywhere, and I didn’t see many people. I finally met a mother and son. I saw the mother and son carrying a burden, and seemed to be leaving in a hurry. Adjutant Zhang found out to his mother and son that there had been a mining disaster here recently, and the villagers had fled. Before that, the Japanese had also come. After the mining disaster, the Japanese left. Zhang Qishan felt that something was wrong, and it should have something to do with the train case.

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