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The Mystic Nine 老九门 Episode 1 Recap

A notebook full of bizarre stories has been passed down for generations. The notes have long been dilapidated, and the stories in them have long been difficult to distinguish between true and false. But whether it is a story or a real legend, the information revealed by the notes is enough to make people memorable.

In 1903, the Japanese Otani Mitsurui entered the hinterland of China on the grounds of religious investigation to conduct intelligence work on geographic prospecting. While passing through Changsha, China, one branch of the expedition team followed Nissho Hatoyama Michi and stayed in a mountain town in the north of Changsha for about three months. An entire expedition team entered, but only six returned. A week later, Michi Hatoyama submitted a report to Japan’s Nissin Trade Research Institute to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The report mentioned what was buried under the mountain town, known as the Hatoyama Report.

One night in 1933, a mysterious train drove into Changsha Station and awakened the sleeping watchman in the duty room. The night watchman Gu Qingfeng was curious and stepped forward to check the train that had suddenly entered the station. Gu Qingfeng wiped open the dusty car window, and the corpse hanging in it scared him to death.

The next day, a high-ranking military officer called “Father Buddha” led a team to find out. While checking the train’s condition, Foye and his subordinates asked Gu Qingfeng about the situation. They learned that the train arrived suddenly late at night, with no passing records, and the body was rusty, as if it came out of a scrap iron station, plus there were dead people hanging in it, and the body was welded to death with iron sheets. Signs indicate that this train is absolutely extraordinary. Foye arranged for his subordinates to cut the car with gas-cut bottles, and went inside to find out.

Foye Zhang Qishan and his subordinates entered the carriage and found that there were many strange dead bodies hidden inside, all face down. Seeing this situation, Lord Buddha ordered his subordinates to call Ba Ye. The Eighth Master Qi Tiezui seems to be as timid as a mouse, but he is proficient in odd tasks. Ba Ye was pushed half way down by the Buddha, and went into the train together to find out.

Qi Tiezui followed Zhang Qishan into the train and saw the death and placement of these corpses, and accidentally discovered a document with experimental content. Based on various signs, Zhang Qishan inferred that the train and the corpses in it were used as funerals, and the owner of the tomb was probably in the rearmost carriage.

Zhang Qishan and Baye Qi Tiezui asked the army to take all the coffins in the carriage back to open the coffins. After several coffins were opened, the dead bodies inside were no different from the other corpses in the train. Just as Qi Tiezui was wondering how the train drove into the station without alive, Zhang Qishan suggested that these people should have inhaled stiff air beforehand, and were dying when they entered the station.

As for the real secret, I am afraid that the The biggest coffin is opened to get the answer. The biggest coffin is a whistle coffin, which can be opened by extraordinary people. The coffin is sealed with molten iron, leaving only one hole. Forcibly opening it will only draw out poisonous gas. It must be opened from the inside by reaching into the hole with one hand.

The only way to open this whistle coffin now depends on the Zhang family’s ability. Foye asked his Zhang family’s soldiers to help open the coffin, but the soldier who opened the coffin panicked when he reached into the hole and shouted for help. With this call, the companion assisting on the side could only trigger an organ that cuts his arm to save his life, and the soldier broke his arm but found nothing. Foye calmly stepped forward, and personally reached into the hole to open the coffin.

The coffin was successfully opened, and there was no mechanism inside, only a corpse with a face down. Buddha reached out his hand and rummaged in the coffin and found out a ring that seemed to be from the Northern and Southern Dynasties. Among the Nine Gates of Changsha, the family of the second master who knew the Southern and Northern Dynasties best was the second master. Under Qi Tiezui’s proposal, Zhang Qishan decided to bring this ring to visit the second master.

In a luxuriously decorated pear garden in Changsha, a graceful figure was singing Farewell My Concubine on stage. A patron who was covered in brass interrupted the second master who was singing and made a rude statement to the second master. When the scene was in chaos, Foye brought a team of men and horses to rescue the second master, and taught the guest who was covered in bronze.

Fo Ye and Er Ye seemed to be very affectionate, and Er Ye also expressed gratitude to Lord Buddha for his help. But when Foye took out the ring from the Northern and Southern Dynasties, the second master was embarrassed, saying that he hadn’t touched those underground things for many years and refused to help Zhang Foye. The Buddha didn’t force it, he put the ring on the table and let the second master consider it for himself.

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