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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 25 Recap

Yale University in the United States was invited by Liu Siyang to give lectures and exchanges at Southern University. Liu Siyang personally greeted them at the airport. Those who came were Liu Siyang’s past Yale classmates. Liu Siyang warmly received them.

After the meeting, Liu Siyang, at the request of Yale classmates, called Qiao Huimin to meet these classmates. Liu Siyang introduced to the students that Qiao Huimin was his fiancée, and the students proposed to attend their wedding. Because their meeting deadline is three days, Liu Siyang and Qiao Huimin discussed that the wedding would be set three days later.

Qiao Huimin and Liu Siyang are busy people, and they don’t have time to prepare for the wedding. Liu Siyang asked Wu Laoba and Song Twelve to form a preparatory team, throw all the problems to them, and let them be solely responsible for the preparation. Short time and heavy tasks, Wu Laoba and Song Twelve had their brains hurt.

At this time, Wang Fugui spent the whole day drinking to dissipate his sorrows, because he had heard from Shen Jingzhi about Qiao Huimin’s marriage to Liu Siyang. Wang Fugui had been dreaming of remarrying Qiao Huimin. Seeing Qiao Huimin was about to remarry, Wang Fugui felt deep despair. Li Daya felt very distressed when she saw Wang Fugui’s decadent appearance. She urged Tianshu to go home and make trouble with Qiao Huimin. She distorted the facts and told Tianshu how Liu Siyang got involved with his parents and how to take Qiao Huimin to abort him and his sister Tianjiao. Hearing this, the heavenly book was full of bitter hatred for Liu Siyang.

In the evening, Qiao Huimin told the two children that he was going to marry Liu Siyang. Tianjiao didn’t have any opinion, but Tian Shu jumped up to object. He roared that if she married Liu Siyang, he would kill Liu Siyang. Qiao Huimin guessed that Li Daya must have instilled something into the heavenly book. She wanted to tell the heavenly book about her and Liu Siyang’s past, but the heavenly book was very disgusted and didn’t want to listen.

The next day, Qiao Huimin suddenly received a call from the Tianshu class teacher when he was at work, saying that Tianshu had played truant. At this time, Tianshu lied that the school had no class and went to Wang Fugui’s company. He was very envious of watching Wang Fugui enter Doujin. He also wanted to sell garlic with Wang Fugui. In the evening, Qiao Huimin severely criticized Tianshu’s truancy behavior, but Tianshu couldn’t listen to it, insisting that she would drop out of school and sell garlic as long as she married Liu Siyang. Qiao Huimin called Wang Fugui angrily and accused him of teaching bad children in order to achieve the purpose of remarrying. Wang Fugui supported his son to help him fight Qiao Huimin’s remarriage. Qiao Huimin sent Wang Fugui out angrily.

A seminar organized by Southern University is being held. Liu Siyang is presenting his own paper on behalf of Southern University. The audience is full of academic scholars from various countries. When Liu Siyang was speaking, Tianshu suddenly rushed into the hall and rushed to Liu Siyang aggressively. He pointed to Liu Siyang’s nose and cursed, and the scholars in the audience looked sideways. The security hurriedly pulled the Tianshu out of the venue, and Deng Xishi awkwardly suspended the meeting for ten minutes.

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