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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 24 Recap

Qiao Huimin eagerly found Liu Siyang. She said that he was not a traitor and that she had come to apologize and rehabilitate him. Liu Siyang smiled. Qiao Huimin looked directly into Liu Siyang’s eyes and told him that they are all free now, and there is still a marriage contract between them that has not been fulfilled. Qiao Huimin originally thought that Liu Siyang would look forward to it as she did, but Liu Siyang was stunned for a while and said that he still had to think about it. Qiao Huimin was stunned.

Liu Siyang asked Shen Jingzhi to make an appointment, and he asked Shen Jingzhi and Qiao Huimin where they were. Shen Jingzhi smiled bitterly and told him that Qiao Huimin would not agree at all. Shen Jingzhi was a little surprised that Liu Siyang would care about this matter. Liu Siyang told him that he had been divorced. If there is no agreement between him and Qiao Huimin, then he is going to renew his relationship with Qiao Huimin. Shen Jingzhi sincerely blessed them.

Ma Jiajun was suddenly called to the office by Qiao Huimin. He was a little surprised, thinking that Qiao Huimin would intervene in his divorce. Qiao Huimin told him that he is still Mei Fengju’s husband, so he still has the obligation to take care of Mei Fengju, and the divorce has to be temporarily shelved because Mei Fengju was found to have liver tumors during the physical examination of the unit. Ma Jiajun was stunned.

After learning the news, Hao Jiali had to temporarily dispel the forced divorce of Ma Jiajun. She wanted to return to the Northeast to take care of the company. Sasha insisted on leaving with Hao Jiali, Liu Siyang was inseparable, but she had to respect her daughter’s own choice. The day of parting finally arrived, and Hao Jiali took Sasha away. Liu Siyang came home and saw people go to the house to be extremely desolate.

Ma Jiajun tirelessly took care of Mei Fengju in the hospital. After careful investigation by the doctor, Mei Fengju’s liver tumor was only an inflammatory tumor, not a malignant tumor. Everyone was relieved. Mei Fengju has seen many problems through this experience of escaping from the dead, and she took the initiative to hand over her cultural reform plan to Qiao Huimin. Qiao Huimin smiled generously and accepted the plan.

Li Daya was bored at home all day long and sighed every day, she clamored for Wang Fugui to send her back to Kaoshantun. Wang Fugui felt that she did not integrate into the lives of the people in the city because she was not urbanized. So Wang Fugui set out to build Li Daya. He took Li Daya to buy clothes and hair to change her external image, and took her to participate in business activities for the elderly in the city. Li Daya quickly became obsessed with ballroom dancing and was in a lot of joy.

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