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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 23 Recap

Qiao Huimin rushed into Liu Siyang’s office angrily. She pointed to Liu Siyang’s nose excitedly and scolded him for being greedy for money, saying that he even blackmailed his ex-wife 500,000 before divorcing regardless of propriety and integrity. Liu Siyang smiled at Qiao Huimin who was extremely excited. After she finished venting, Liu Siyang told her the purpose of the money.

Qiao Huimin was skeptical, she immediately called Shen Jingzhi to verify. Just after putting down the phone, Lei Zhen came over to Liu Siyang with the manuscript. Liu Siyang said that he had given the publisher a publishing fee, and he asked Lei Zhen to go directly to Shen Jingzhi to submit the manuscript. Qiao Huimin saw this scene and realized that she had misunderstood Liu Siyang.

After Hao Jiali packed her luggage, Ma Jiajun sent her back to her family. Father Hao was very surprised to see Hao Jiali coming back alone. Hao Jiali told him that she had divorced Liu Siyang, and Hao’s father was shocked. He was surprised to ask Hao Jiali about the reason for her divorce. Hao Jiali told him bluntly that she wanted to be with Ma Jiajun because she wanted to experience the feeling of being loved. Father Hao, who is a traditional man, had a heart attack on the spot when he heard his daughter’s words righteously.

Liu Siyang’s daughter Sasha pestered him, crying and making trouble, she forced Liu Siyang to find Hao Jiali back. Liu Siyang had no choice but to call Hao Jiali, and only then did he know that Hao’s father was in hospital. Liu Siyang took his daughter to see Father Hao, and met Ma Jiajun at the door of the ward. Ma Jiajun had always been concerned about Liu Siyang’s 500,000 yuan of himself. He angrily reminded Liu Siyang that he had divorced Hao Jiali. Liu Siyang reminded him that he was not divorced yet. Ma Jiajun suddenly slumped.

Liu Siyang took good care of Hao’s father, which made Hao’s father ashamed. He felt that he was no longer Liu Siyang’s father-in-law and he had no obligation to take care of himself. Besides, Hao Jiali was sorry for him. Liu Siyang comforted Hao’s father regardless of the pretentiousness, even if he was no longer his son-in-law, the family affection over the past ten years was not wiped out with the end of the marriage. Father Hao’s moved tears filled his eyes.

Ma Jiajun was so upset because of the 500,000 incident, he has been suing Liu Siyang to the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection. He couldn’t figure out what Liu Siyang did. When he told Hao Jiali about Liu Siyang’s use of the money as a fund for the publication of academic books in the Chinese Department of NTU, Hao Jiali felt relieved. She blurted out and exclaimed that Liu Siyang was still the extraordinary person in his mind. Ma Jiajun dismissed it.

Ma Jiajun returned home and started a showdown with Mei Feng. He said that when Mei Fengju married him, he also fancyed his family background, and now their family is no longer as prominent as it used to be, and he makes Mei Fengju better to divorce. Mei Fengju did not accept the move at all, did not make any noise, but did not agree to the divorce.

The next day, Ma Jiajun found Mei Fengju’s office to continue discussing divorce with her. Mei Fengju told him that she would not agree to it, because divorce in an agency affects her reputation, and she is determined not to divorce in order to maintain her reputation. Ma Jiajun rudely claimed that if she didn’t agree to her, she would come and pester her every day, until the city was full of wind and rain to see if she had a reputation. Mei Fengju was angrily.

Hao Jiali suddenly called Qiao Huimin out. Witnessing Liu Siyang’s benevolence and righteousness these days, Hao Jiali decided to give Liu Siyang an innocence. She told Qiao Huimin that when she and Liu Siyang arrived in Huangsha County, Liu Siyang still refused to accept her. Later, when she heard that Qiao Huimin’s divorce was a little overwhelming, she anxiously put all her bets.

She cut her veins and committed suicide first, then climbed to the highest bell tower in the area, forcing the local civil affairs department to register her marriage with Liu Siyang on the spot, or she would jump off. In this way, because she forced her to die, Liu Siyang had to marry her. She said Liu Siyang never loved herself from beginning to end, but was only responsible for her life.

Qiao Huimin knew that he had misunderstood Liu Siyang when he heard this, and Liu Siyang had not betrayed their eachother. Qiao Huimin excitedly grabbed the handbag and rushed out. She was going to find Liu Siyang. Hao Jiali showed a wry smile when she saw Qiao Huimin’s performance.

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