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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 22 Recap

Mei Fengju made an appointment with Hao Jiali for coffee, and Hao Jiali arrived as scheduled. Mei Fengju also wanted to ask about her and Ma Jiajun implicitly. How could Hao Jiali tell Mei Fengju bluntly and without shame that she would divorce Liu Siyang and marry Ma Jiajun. Mei Fengju did not expect Hao Jiali to be ashamed. She denounced the man who robbed Qiao Huimin ten years ago, and then came to rob her ten years later. Hao Jiali stood up and left indifferently. Mei Feng gritted his teeth and squeezed out a word: shameless!

Hao Jiali told Ma Jiajun that Liu Siyang never agreed to divorce. Ma Jiajun meditated for a moment and said that he must have a killer to achieve his goal. Ma Jiajun asked Hao Jiali to ask Liu Siyang to meet in the hotel room. Liu Siyang agreed.

In the hotel room, Ma Jiajun deliberately opened the door to wait for Liu Siyang to arrive. When he estimated that Liu Siyang was coming soon, Ma Jiajun personally helped Hao Jiali put on the necklace he gave Hao Jiali, and then put her in his arms. When he saw Liu Siyang at the door seeing all this, he provocatively kissed Hao Jiali on the cheek. Liu Siyang witnessed all this and left without saying a word.

After painful thinking, Liu Siyang called Hao Jiali and asked her to make an appointment with Ma Jiajun. After seeing Ma Jiajun, Liu Siyang proposed that he wanted a breakup fee of 500,000 yuan, and signed the divorce when the 500,000 yuan hit his account. Ma Jiajun was worried, he forced Liu Siyang to sign a contract.

The next day, Hao Jiali handed Liu Siyang the bankbook of 500,000. She was very disappointed that Liu Siyang had not escaped the money level. Liu Siyang accepted the passbook without any explanation, and then went through the divorce procedures with Hao Jiali.

Ma Jiajun was very dissatisfied. He took the contract signed by Liu Siyang, as well as a copy of the passbook and other materials, went to the Disciplinary Inspection Office of the NTU to find Secretary Li to report that Liu Siyang had sold Hao Jiali’s freedom for 500,000. Secretary Li was very angry, and he severely criticized Liu Siyang. Liu Siyang told him that the 500,000 yuan is a project sponsored by Ma Jiajun, and he has sent 500,000 yuan to the publishing house. This money is specifically used for the publication of academic books by the teachers of NTU. Secretary Li was stunned.

Qiao Huimin’s reform of the cultural system was resolutely opposed and resisted by the heads of the theater troupes, and none of them wanted to break away from finances to find a way out. Qiao Huimin could predict this result, and she accepted and faced it frankly. Mei Fengju was overjoyed when she saw Qiao Huimin’s frustration.

Mei Fengju reported the reaction of the troupe leaders to Sun Shoutian. From Mei Fengju’s tone, Sun Shoutian heard her intentions of gloating. Sun Shoutian is firmly on Qiao Huimin’s side. He criticized Mei Fengju for not bringing personal emotions to work.

When Wang Fugui learned that Qiao Huimin was promoted to deputy director-general, he and Li Daya wanted to remarry more and more. They got the key from the book of heaven, and went into Qiao Huimin’s house to cook for her. Qiao Huimin didn’t appreciate it at all, and changed the door lock the next day. Wang Fugui had no choice but to take the scriptures back to his home. Li Daya encouraged Tianshu to threaten not to go to school and forced Qiao Huimin to agree to remarry Wang Fugui.

Qiao Huimin went home to see Tianshu not doing homework, and when he heard that he threatened not to remarry with his father and would not go to school since then, Qiao Huimin was angry. She called out Wang Fugui, sternly accused him of being too mean, told him to put away that set, and don’t mislead the child and miss the child’s future. Wang Fugui hurriedly explained that he would not do this, Qiao Huimin knew that all of this must be instigated by Li Daya, and she was very angry.

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