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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 21 Recap

Deng Xishi called Qiao Huimin to the office and told her that the Organization Department had just ordered Qiao Huimin to be transferred to the Cultural Affairs Department as deputy director. Qiao Huimin was very surprised. She had always wanted to transfer in order to clarify the relationship with Liu Siyang and avoid the embarrassing work of the two. But now that she really wants to transfer to another place, Qiao Huimin still feels a little unclear in her heart.

At this time, Ma Jiajun and Hao Jiali came back from the field, and they were sitting in the same car and behaving hand in hand. Hao Jiali returned home to cook for Liu Siyang and his daughter. After the family reunite, Hao Jiali told Liu Siyang that she had something to talk to him. Liu Siyang didn’t seem surprised, he asked Hao Jiali if she wanted to ask for a divorce.

Hao Jiali was shocked at how Liu Siyang knew what she thought. Liu Siyang told her that she had guessed the consequences since she had followed another man thousands of miles away without hesitation. Liu Siyang clearly told Hao Jiali that it was impossible for him to agree. This made Hao Jiali very surprised and surprised.

Hao Jiali told Ma Jiajun that Liu Siyang did not agree to the divorce. This surprised Ma Jiajun. They all thought that Liu Siyang would want it and would get back to Qiao Huimin immediately. Ma Jiajun decided to talk to Liu Siyang by himself.

When Ma Jiajun talked to Liu Siyang, Liu Siyang satirically asked him what capacity he used to discuss this matter with himself. Ma Jiajun said that he loved Hao Jiali, and he was willing to change Hao Jiali’s freedom at all costs. He offered to give Liu Siyang 200,000 yuan, but Liu Siyang sneered. Ma Jiajun thought he was too small and added another 100,000. Liu Siyang told him contemptuously that he would never agree to a divorce anyway. Ma Jiajun has no move. He asked Hao Jiali to try Qiao Huimin, and asked her to persuade Liu Siyang.

When Qiao Huimin reported to the Department of Culture, he found that the head of the department turned out to be Sun Shoutian, the secretary of the commune. Sun Shoutian let her be in charge of art, and the current director in charge of art turned out to be Mei Fengju. Before Mei Fengju was confident in the position of deputy director who was waiting to be vacant, she had always thought it was her, but Qiao Huimin was not expected to be transferred. Mei Fengju changed from a leader in charge to a subordinate under management, and Mei Fengju felt very uncomfortable.

Hao Jiali suddenly came to Qiao Huimin, Qiao Huimin wondered why Hao Jiali, who had always been hostile to herself, would take the initiative to find herself. Hao Jiali was still aloof, she told Qiao Huimin straight to the point that she was going to divorce Liu Siyang and hoped that she could help convince Liu Siyang. She said that she had robbed her of love back then, and now she wants to return Liu Siyang to Qiao Huimin.

Qiao Huimin was very angry when she heard this. She accused Hao Jiali and Liu Siyang was her husband not rubbish, not because she said she didn’t want it. It is impossible to do this for her. Seeing Qiao Huimin’s refusal, Hao Jiali left angrily.

Qiao Huimin wants to do something after taking office. She wants to reform the cultural system. Since Mei Fengju has been in charge of cultural work for many years and is very familiar with the situation, Qiao Huimin wants her to help herself. Unexpectedly, Mei Feng gave a mouthful of refusal, and Qiao Huimin was very puzzled that Mei Fengju did not cooperate.

When Shen Jingzhi came to visit Qiao Huimin, she told her why Mei Fengju was emotional. Qiao Huimin learned that the position of Deputy Director of the Cultural Affairs Department turned out to be a position that Mei Fengju had been striving for and thought he had a chance to win. When Qiao Huimin learned of this reason, he decided to go deeper into the grassroots to understand it personally.

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