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Ghoul Shiki, Ghoul Ghoul

Ghoul Shiki, Ghoul Ghoul (Anime)
Other Name: 屍鬼 Shiki,屍鬼 屍鬼, Shiki (屍鬼)

Genres: Anime
Amino Tetsuro ,Yoneda Kazuhiro

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The story takes place in an isolated village-Waichang Village. For many years, the village has maintained the oldest method of funeral and burial-burial. This provides a unique and favorable environment for the generation of a monster called “ghoul”. Ghoul, a kind of zombies, they are strong but afraid of the sun. They live by sucking human blood. At the same time, they expand their own strength by turning ordinary humans into ghouls. Their purpose is to completely occupy the outfield. village. Strange things happened secretly all over the village, and no one connected them together.

When the fear broke out, it was too late. Yuki Natsuno (voiced by Uchiyama Anghui) was the first person to discover the existence of ghouls, and when he was attacked by ghouls, he became a subspecies of ghouls, “human wolf”. The human wolf is stronger than ordinary people except for physical fitness. , No different from human beings, therefore, the wolf has become the only existence that can contend with the ghoul. In this small village, surrounded by fear and blood, between the leader of the ghoul, Shao Shiki (voiced by Yukibi) and the leader of the wolf, Yuki Natsano, between the simple villagers and the bloodthirsty monsters, A tragic war is about to start.

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