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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 20 Recap

Hao Jiali ran into Wang Fugui on the way from get off work. Wang Fugui is now making a lot of money in the garlic business. He drives a car and wears a suit. He looks like a dog. Hao Jiali told him that she was married to Liu Siyang, and advised him to remarry Qiao Huimin for the sake of children. Wang Fugui is overjoyed. Wang Fugui took the opportunity of visiting her children to Qiao Huimin’s house and talked to her about her remarriage. Qiao Huimin thought it was funny, she told him plainly that it was impossible.

Hao Jiali was surprised when she got Liu Siyang’s salary. She asked Liu Siyang why part of his salary was deducted. Liu Siyang told her that because Chuanzhu majored in computer science at Peking University. So he borrowed five thousand yuan from the unit’s financial department to help Shuanzhu buy a computer. Hao Jiali was very angry. Because the loan fee for her daughter Sasha has not been collected yet. She felt more and more financially tight at home, and resented Liu Siyang for never discussing with herself when making decisions.

Ma Jiajun drove an Audi back to Nanda to visit Hao Jiali. He could tell at a glance that Hao Jiali was in a bad mood. When he learned that she was troubled by financial tensions, he tried his best to encourage her to stay on without pay and do business with him. He said that his company in Heihe needed an interpreter because he often dealt with Russians. Hao Jiali was tempted.

Hao Jiali handed Qiao Huimin the application for unpaid leave. Liu Siyang strongly opposed her going to the sea to do business, and he was still with Ma Jiajun. But Hao Jiali had made up her mind, and she left with Ma Jiajun without hesitation. It wasn’t until Liu Siyang ran into Mei Fengju to send her children to school that Mei Fengju knew that Ma Jiajun had taken Hao Jiali with him this time.

Wang Fugui suddenly went to the office of NTU to find Qiao Huimin. He anxiously told Qiao Huimin that Wang Baoku was critically ill and wanted to see Qiao Huimin. Qiao Huimin hesitated, Wang Fugui almost knelt down to Qiao Huimin. Qiao Huimin had to agree to see Wang Baoku. In the ward, Wang Baoku took Qiao Huimin’s hand to apologize to her. He felt that the Wang family was sorry for Qiao Huimin, and then he asked Qiao Huimin to agree to remarry Wang Fugui, otherwise he would not die. Qiao Huimin firmly refused to agree. Li Daya knelt in front of Qiao Huimin with a plop, seeing the horrible state of Wang Baoku’s lingering breath. Qiao Huimin was forced to agree to remarry, and Wang Baoku died.

Wang Fugui took Li Daya into the city and let her live with him in the city. Qiao Huimin’s son Tianshu asked her when she agreed to remarry, but Qiao Huimin said that it was done to make the elderly happy. When the book was angry, he broke the tableware.

Shen Jingzhi went to Nanda to look for Qiao Huimin, and Liu Siyang saw Shen Jingzhi’s intentions for Qiao Huimin. Shen Jingzhi asked Liu Siyang to help him intercede and persuade Qiao Huimin to accept him. When Liu Siyang recommended Shen Jingzhi to Qiao Huimin, Qiao Huimin said with resentment that it was possible for him to intercede with Shen Jingzhi, but now that Liu Siyang intercedes, it is impossible. Seeing Qiao Huimin hating herself so much, Liu Siyang had to smile bitterly. .

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