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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 19 Recap

After Ma Jiajun submitted his resignation report to President Deng, he went to Song Twelve, and he wanted Song Twelve to help him arrange a job. Song Twelve gave him a lot of face and let him take the post of manager of the Northeast Branch. After Song Twelve heard of his resignation, he kindly reminded him that it is better to leave the job without pay, which can be advanced or retired. Ma Jiajun accepted his suggestion.

After Ma Jiajun returned home, he was very proud. He showed to Mei Fengju that he was not a useless place. He said he should let Liu Siyang take a look after he became famous. The next day, Mei Fengju quietly went to Song Twelve. She told Song Twelve that because of the nature of her job, she had a lot of entertainment and irregular life, so she could not control the children.

If Ma Jiajun went to the northeast, no one would cook for the children. In addition, their husband and wife are currently in a tense relationship. If they divorce because of this, Song Twelve is the culprit. Song Twelve was frightened when he heard this, and had to agree to her repentance of the work for Ma Jiajun.

When Ma Jiajun arrived at Song Twelve Company as scheduled, Song Twelve hid and couldn’t make contact. Ma Jiajun was unclear, so he scolded Song Twelve for not being honest. After being unable to do anything, he went to Gao Weichen again. Gao Weichen recommended him to the East Asia Trading Company founded by his friend, and the boss of the company arranged for Ma Jiajun a managerial position in the Heilongjiang branch. Ma Jiajun was very happy. He officially submitted his resignation report to Liu Siyang with confidence. Mei Fengju was very angry when she found out.

Although Qiao Huimin had always had an opinion on Liu Siyang, she reduced her chances of being with him at all times, and avoided all topics except work. Hao Jiali still felt that Qiao Huimin’s existence was a great hidden danger. She even went to Qiao Huimin’s office to warn her that it is best to stay away from Liu Siyang.

Qiao Huimin felt that she was unreasonable, and was always vigilant regarding herself as an enemy. Hao Jiali felt uncomfortable as long as she thought that Liu Siyang had to work with Qiao Huimin every day. She quarreled with Liu Siyang out of thin air. She even twisted the sweater that Qiao Huimin gave to Liu Siyang last with scissors. Liu Siyang was furious when he saw the sweater.

Shen Jingzhi had been with Qiao Huimin when he was a graduate student, and now he is an editor of a newspaper. On this day, he came to Qiao Huimin on the pretext of passing by Southern University. He implicitly told Qiao Huimin that Liu Siyang is now married, and although she was divorced, she did not enjoy the real married life. He wanted her to experience it once. Qiao Huimin knew what he meant to express, and she tactfully refused. Shen Jingzhi knew that she still couldn’t let go of Liu Siyang.

Ma Jiajun is about to leave to work in another place. He makes an appointment with Hao Jiali and asks her carefully if her married life is what she wants. Hao Jiali said from the bottom of her heart that she used to admire Liu Siyang’s talents very much, but only after she passed her time did she realize that they could not be eaten, and Liu Siyang never let Qiao Huimin go, so they have always had different dreams in the same bed. Ma Jiajun knew that even so Hao Jiali would still not like herself. Ma Jiajun was very sad for a while.

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