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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 18 Recap

Qiao Huimin did not expect to meet Liu Siyang in this scene ten years later. The two looked at each other for a long while, their eyes full of a thousand words. Ma Jiajun felt that Qiao Huimin was very relieved to see Liu Siyang’s unbearable appearance.

When Liu Siyang finished carrying the book and went to find the coachman to get his clothes, the coachman had already left. Liu Siyang had to wear a porter’s blue lab coat to go to Principal Deng Xishi. Deng Xishi called Qiao Huimin and Ma Jiajun to the office, and they saw Liu Siyang again. Deng Xishi solemnly introduced Liu Siyang to them, saying that when he went to Yale to study and exchange in the United States two years ago, he saw Liu Siyang attending school there.

The reason why the position of the head of the Chinese Department has been vacant is to wait for Liu Siyang to return after graduation. Only after Ma Jiajun knew that he had lost sight of him, Liu Siyang was not only better than them, but now he is coming back to be his direct leader, and the post of Dean of the Chinese Department that he has been coveting has long been famous. Ma Jiajun felt very uncomfortable.

Qiao Huimin’s heart was shocked that day. She remembered that when she called Liu Siyang a few years ago and told him that she was finally divorced, Liu Siyang told her that he was married. She felt that Liu Siyang had not kept their promise and betrayed their feelings.

The next day, Liu Siyang asked Qiao Huimin out to tell her what happened to him in Huangsha County and his marriage. Who knows that Qiao Huimin thinks he is a traitor who betrayed their feelings, and has no right to make a statement. Liu Siyang just told her that he was not a traitor. The meeting between the two was seen by Hao Jiali, who secretly followed them. Hao Jiali became vinegar.

Under Qiao Huimin’s organization, their classmates who stayed in this city at Grade 7 or 7 gathered together. Everyone introduced their respective development status. Liu Siyang said that he was admitted to Peking University as a graduate student in Huangsha County and later went to Yale University for a PhD. After Hao Jiali and Liu Siyang were married, they also went to Yale as an accompanying student and obtained a bachelor of arts degree.

Mei Fengju is now Ma Jiajun’s wife, and is currently a director of the Cultural Department. Song Twelve went to sea for business and is now the general manager of a large company. Wu Laoba is still single and has a small business after leaving without pay. Ten years later, these students have undergone earth-shaking changes.

Liu Siyang and Hao Jiali went to work at Nantah University together. Hao Jiali was temporarily arranged to manage the data in the data room. The former lovers’ enemies have now become colleagues who get along day and night. Deng Xishi was very angry that day. It turned out that Ma Jiajun’s award-winning thesis department plagiarized an American paper by Robert Liu. Deng Xishi felt very embarrassed. He called Qiao Huimin and Liu Siyang to the office and told them the matter. Liu Siyang looked embarrassed, because Robert Liu was his name in the United States.

Because of this, Deng Xishi removed Ma Jiajun from his position and arranged him to work in the office. Ma Jiajun couldn’t stand the shock and shame of such ups and downs, so he took the initiative to resign. But the narrow-minded and paranoid he blamed all these faults on Liu Siyang. He felt that everything was designed and framed by Liu Siyang in advance.

An angry Ma Jiajun told Hao Jiali of his thoughts. Hao Jiali also felt that Liu Siyang had colluded with Qiao Huimin’s retaliation plan. Back home, Hao Jiali questioned Liu Siyang sternly. Liu Siyang did not expect that she would misunderstand herself so much.

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