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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 17 Recap

Qiao Huimin took the initiative to find Director Chen of the Student Affairs Department, and submitted an application to him to give up studying for graduate school, requesting to go to the branch of Huangsha County. Minister Chen was very surprised. Given that the postgraduate admission work has ended, Qiao Huimin’s application may be difficult to pass. Qiao Huimin asked Minister Chen to think of a solution. Just as Qiao Huimin went out on the front foot, Hao Jiali came in on the back foot. She also submitted an application to Minister Chen for the support, and specifically proposed that she must be with Liu Siyang.

When Liu Siyang saw that the matter of his side had been settled, Ma Jiajun did not consider his practical difficulties in bringing a child. Liu Siyang went to the office to find Ma Jiajun. He told Ma Jiajun neither humble nor arrogant that he would come back and thank him a few years later when he had achieved something. Ma Jiajun smiled disdainfully.

Minister Chen called Lei Zhen and told him that they were doing a good job with the students of the Chinese Department of Grade 7 and 7 and some students took the initiative to apply for support. Lei Zhen was very surprised that Hao Jiali had given up staying in school to go to the branch. Ma Jiajun was very annoyed to find Hao Jiali and accused her of making such a crazy decision.

On the contrary, Hao Jiali told him happily that she would also like to thank him for his accomplishment, helping herself to separate Liu Siyang and Qiao Huimin a thousand miles, and creating a good opportunity for herself to be alone with Liu Siyang. Ma Jiajun smiled bitterly, feeling that he had lifted a rock and hit him in the foot.

Liu Siyang said goodbye to his classmates indifferently. When leaving, the students escorted him and Hao Jiali to the station. Just when Liu Siyang was about to get on the bus, Qiao Huimin rushed over with her luggage. She told Liu Siyang that even if the school did not approve of her application, she would go with him without hesitation. Hao Jiali was very uncomfortable seeing this scene. However, at this moment, Wang Fugui and Li Daya chased them with their two children. The children jumped up and hugged Qiao Huimin’s leg. Qiao Huimin was desperate.

Ten years passed, and in a blink of an eye came 1992. Qiao Huimin, Party Secretary of Southern University, went to the airport to greet Ma Jiajun, deputy director of the Chinese Department, and came back from the seminar. This time Ma Jiajun’s academic paper was awarded, Qiao Huimin organized school teachers to prepare a welcome ceremony for Ma Jiajun. Ma Jiajun also wants to take this opportunity to change from deputy to principal. Qiao Huimin and others left on the front foot, and Liu Siyang and Hao Jiali and his wife walked out with their daughter on the back foot. Hao Jiali’s father came to pick him up, and he warmly greeted his daughter’s family of three.

A few days later, Liu Siyang in a suit and shoes happened to meet a tricycle driver who was sending materials to Southern University on his way to Southern University. Liu Siyang kindly helped the coachman with the cart and kept sending him to the office building of the Chinese Department of Southern University. The coachman looked at a car full of materials, and asked Liu Siyang to help him carry the book. In order not to stain Liu Siyang’s suit, the coachman asked him to change into a set of work clothes. Liu Siyang smiled generously and helped the coachman carry the book up.

The book Liu Siyang moved was delivered to Ma Jiajun’s office. Ma Jiajun overheard Liu Siyang and the coachman talking, he looked back curiously and saw Liu Siyang. He was there for a moment, and then looked up and down Liu Siyang, and when he saw him working as a coachman in overalls, he smiled meaningfully.

Ma Jiajun went to Qiao Huimin’s office and told her that Liu Siyang was back. Qiao Huimin was very surprised, and hurriedly followed Ma Jiajun to his office. When Liu Siyang moved in, he raised his eyes and saw Qiao Huimin, who had been away for ten years.

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