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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 16 Recap

Liu Siyang took the newspaper to Ma Jiajun and criticized Hao Jiali for discrediting Qiao Huimin. He hoped that Ma Jiajun could call on his classmates in the Chinese Department to unite and refute their false reports to the newspaper. In this matter, Ma Jiajun is based on the same goal as Liu Siyang. Although the purpose is different, he is firmly on Liu Siyang’s side this time.

Southern University and the newspaper started a tug of war, and articles written by Liu Siyang were also published in the newspapers. After hard work, Qiao Huimin’s divorce case is ready to go to court again. However, on the first day of the trial, the situation changed suddenly, and Wang Fugui was absent from the second day of trial due to his bravery and injury.

It turned out that Wu Laoba’s mother was very worried when she saw that her daughter Wu Xuezhu didn’t go home in the middle of the night. She was afraid that something happened when Wu Xuezhu passed a forest, so she was going to go out to meet her. Li Daya asked Wang Fugui to run instead of Wu Mu. As a result, Wu Xuezhu really met two gangsters by the woods, and Wang Fugui was stabbed with a knife by one of the gangsters in the process of stopping them. Wang Fugui suddenly became a hero who was brave enough to fight for justice and was widely promoted by the media. Qiao Huimin’s divorce case suddenly became passive. In the end, the court decided not to divorce.

In 1982, students in grades seven and seven were facing graduation assignments. Qiao Huimin was admitted to graduate school, and Liu Siyang did not take the postgraduate exams, so he faced assignments. The school was responsible for the assignment this time. Because there is a side quota in the current distribution, it is to work in Huangsha County in the western part of the country where conditions are extremely difficult. Both Liu Siyang and Qiao Huimin were worried that Ma Jiajun would retaliate and assign Liu Siyang. Qiao Huimin persuaded Liu Siyang to find Ma Jiajun for activities, but Liu Siyang would rather not bend.

Also worrying about Liu Siyang is Hao Jiali. Although she was detained by Ma Jiajun, she was worried that Ma Jiajun would assign Liu Siyang to Huangsha County. She went to Ma Jiajun, but she couldn’t persuade Ma Jiajun with all the good and bad things. Hao Jiali left with the front foot, Qiao Huimin came over to intercede with Ma Jiajun on the back foot. She apologized to Ma Jiajun for Liu Siyang, hoping that Ma Jiajun could help him.

Liu Siyang didn’t worry about himself, but he thought that Chuan Zhu would suffer along with him, so he went to Lei Zhen to explain the special situation. Lei Zhen went to Ma Jiajun, hoping that he would consider Liu Siyang’s special situation with the child, but Ma Jiajun still insisted on his opinion.

Liu Siyang wrote to Song Twelve in the classroom, telling him about being assigned to the side. Hao Jiali suddenly walked into the classroom. She told Liu Siyang that she had killed him, but she would accompany him and pay him back for life. Liu Siyang was shocked and quickly declined. He clearly told Hao Jiali that he loved Qiao Huimin and didn’t love her at all. Hao Jiali firmly told him that she loved him more than Qiao Huimin. After speaking, she turned and left, completely ignoring the surprised expression of Qiao Huimin who had just entered the door and heard her confession.

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