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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 15 Recap

Qiao Huimin took the children to the dormitory every day to sleep, which affected the rest of other classmates. Wang Fugui ignored the influence of holding the baby to breastfeed during Qiao Huimin’s class. Seeing that the impact was getting worse and worse, Lei Zhen finally couldn’t bear it, and ordered Qiao Huimin to go out and find a house to settle the child, or take a year off from school. Wang Fugui was anxious that Qiao Huimin would quit school. He didn’t want to go out to find a house at all. Seeing that the three-day deadline was approaching, Qiao Huimin was about to die.

Liu Siyang went to find Wu Laoba to find a way. He begged Wu Laoba to move to the dormitory of his unit and give up his house to Wang Fugui and his daughter. Wu Laoba agreed with embarrassment. After solving the matter, Qiao Huimin finally stopped. Unexpectedly, Ma Jiajun saw that the world was peaceful, and Hao Jiali continued to pursue Liu Siyang. He became angry and decided to add another fire.

Ma Jiajun told Wang Fugui that he had created opportunities for Qiao Huimin and Liu Siyang by taking care of his children, saying that they were tired of being together at school every day. He hinted that Wang Fugui had to change his method to rectify Liu Siyang to have an effect. Wang Fugui understood.

In the evening, Liu Siyang took the bolt home and walked on the dark road. Wang Fugui was lurking in the bushes with a stick covered his face. When Liu Siyang approached, Wang Fugui bit his stick up and hit Liu Siyang on the head. Liu Siyang’s blood flowed immediately, and Shuan Zhu cried in fright. Thanks to Duan Changsuo and classmate Shen Jingzhi, they heard the cry and sent Liu Siyang to the hospital.

When Wang Fugui fled after fighting, he met Ma Jiajun and Gao Weichen. Wang Fugui was in shock, Gao Weichen told him that his attack on Liu Siyang just now was illegal, and Wang Fugui was frightened. Ma Jiajun then helped him to make a confession, asking him to confirm that the three of them were drinking together when the incident happened, and they were witnesses in his absence.

Liu Siyang took eight stitches after he was sent to the hospital, and they all knew that Wang Fugui must have done this. When Hao Jiali, Qiao Huimin and others came to see Liu Siyang, Hao Jiali angrily accused Qiao Huimin. Liu Siyang was all thanks to her, and she kept Qiao Huimin away from Liu Siyang. Qiao Huimin was also sad.

After Qiao Huimin returned, he prepared the materials and submitted it to the court to apply for divorce. Wang Fugui panicked and went to Ma Jiajun for advice. Ma Jiajun in turn persuaded Wang Fugui to get a divorce. Wang Fugui made his own decision this time, and he was determined not to divorce. Gao Weichen was a little curious about how Ma Jiajun spoke for Qiao Huimin, and Ma Jiajun smiled unpredictably. Gao Weichen suddenly understood that if Qiao Huimin was divorced, he would definitely go with Liu Siyang, then Hao Jiali and Liu Siyang would have no chance. Then Ma Jiajun has a chance of winning when he pursues Hao Jiali.

Because Wang Fugui insisted not to divorce, Qiao Huimin and his divorce lawsuit must be delayed for half a year before they can appeal again. Wang Fugui triumphantly felt that he had won the struggle again. In a blink of an eye, in 1980, Lei Zhen took Ma Jiajun to the Class 7 or 7 Chinese Department. He introduced Ma Jiajun to everyone. It turned out that Ma Jiajun graduated and stayed in school, replacing Teacher Yu as an instructor in the Chinese Department of Level 7 or Level 7. Liu Siyang smiled bitterly and admired Ma Jiajun’s perseverance. In order to pursue Hao Jiali, he gave up a good job in a large organization.

At this time, Qiao Huimin filed for divorce again in the court because he had seen Wang Fugui’s mother and son’s tricks at school over the years, and now even Lei Zhen supports Qiao Huimin’s divorce. Wang Fugui’s mother and son have no choice. Hao Jiali suddenly visited their mother and son, telling them that they can only use public opinion without the support of the school.

She helped Wang Fugui write an article condemning Qiao Huimin’s Chen Shimei’s abandonment of the farmer’s husband. She also took Wang Fugui’s mother and son to the newspaper where his father worked, and asked the newspaper to help Wang Fugui publish the article to the newspaper. The newspaper editor saw Hao Jiali’s face, but he also believed in the cry of Wang Fugui’s mother and son. The next day this denunciation was published in the newspaper.

Liu Siyang found Hao Jiali holding the newspaper. He angrily accused Hao Jiali of pushing Qiao Huimin into the fire pit regardless of the friendship of his comrades. He knew Hao Jiali’s purpose for doing this. He told her firmly that he would never accept her and let her die. Hao Jiali has an indifferent and paranoid attitude, she has no guilt at all for her actions.

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