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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 14 Recap

Just when Li Daya’s mother and her son were preparing to go home the next day, Ma Jiajun brought Gao Weichen to visit suddenly. Ma Jiajun urged Li Daya and her mother not to go back. He suggested that they go to the court to sue Liu Siyang for destroying Wang Fugui’s marriage and that Liu Siyang must be expelled from the school so that they can never go back. Li Daya was overjoyed upon hearing this.

Soon Nantah received a court indictment, and the principal was very angry. Lei Zhen and Deng Xishi discussed that the person who had to tie the bell should be resolved by Qiao Huimin. In order to prevent the school from expelling Liu Siyang, Qiao Huimin personally found Li Daya’s mother and her son and promised that they would withdraw the complaint and keep the child. Seeing that the goal was achieved, Li Daya hurriedly went to the court to withdraw the lawsuit.

Ma Jiajun didn’t achieve the goal of driving Liu Siyang and was very angry. He couldn’t help but make a living. He asked Gao Weichen to unite and mobilize all boys in grades seven and six to condemn Liu Siyang and jointly sign a letter of solidarity requesting Liu Siyang to be expelled. Hao Jiali was very angry and accused Ma Jiajun of doing too much. Ma Jiajun told her that he was pursuing her. Hao Jiali clearly told him that she likes Liu Siyang and will never like him. But Ma Jiajun said more and more frustrated that he would follow her.

The principal was very angry when he received the letter of solidarity. He instructed Deng Xishi and Lei Zhen to expel Liu Siyang. In order to protect Liu Siyang, Hao Jiali decided to ask her father, the editor-in-chief of Qianjiang Daily, to help. She said Liu Siyang was her boyfriend, and if he didn’t marry, she ran away from home. Editor-in-Chief Hao couldn’t stand his daughter’s hard work, so he had to help Liu Siyang to protect him.

Eight months passed in a blink of an eye. Qiao Huimin gave birth to twins, dragon and phoenix. Wang Fugui’s family was so happy. But because of Wang Baoku’s cerebral thrombosis, Li Daya could not take care of the two children, so she left her grandson, asked Qiao Huimin to take her granddaughter back to school, and asked Wang Fugui to follow her to help her take care of the children. Wang Fugui followed Qiao Huimin back to school. Qiao Huimin wants to go to school and has children, so she has to tolerate Wang Fugui staying. Wang Fugui stayed overnight in the school guard room with nowhere to go.

Qiao Huimin goes to school during the day, and the child stays in the dormitory with her at night. Qiao Huimin can’t rest well at all. During class during the day, Qiao Huimin, who was not well-rested, fell asleep in class. After class, Liu Siyang told her with concern that she could ask her for help if she needed anything.

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