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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 13 Recap

Li Daya knew that Qiao Huimin was very excited after she was pregnant, and asked Wang Fugui to invite Qiao Huimin back for dinner the next morning. Unexpectedly, after Wang Fugui went there, he learned that Qiao Huimin had already returned to school. Mother Li Daya and her son hurriedly packed their things, brought two baskets of eggs, and other nutritious food, ready to go to Southern University to supplement Qiao Huimin’s nutrition.

When Li Daya and her son appeared on the campus of Southern University, they happened to be seen by Ma Jiajun and Gao Weichen. Ma Jiajun was secretly overjoyed, he felt that his reinforcements had arrived. Li Daya’s mother and son first went to Lei Zhen’s office to find him. She clearly told Lei Zhen that her daughter-in-law Qiao Huimin was going to kill the child, and she begged Lei Zhen to stop Qiao Huimin. Lei Zhen’s head was so big because of the mother-in-law’s affairs. He pretended to have a meeting to remove Li Daya and her son.

Ma Jiajun and Gao Weichen were waiting downstairs in the office building. When they saw Li Daya and her son coming down from Lei Zhen’s office, Gao Weichen pretended to pull them aside, saying that he could get her daughter-in-law to have a baby. Li Daya will be suspicious. Gao Weichen provokes divorce. The reason why Qiao Huimin wants to have an abortion is completely deceived by Liu Siyang. Only by expelling Liu Siyang from the school can her grandson be preserved. Li Daya was furious upon hearing this.

Li Daya’s mother and son returned to Lei Zhen’s office again, and she aggressively said that Liu Siyang, who encouraged her daughter-in-law to have an abortion, must be fired. Lei Zhen was very annoyed when someone deliberately revealed the news to Li Daya and her son. He couldn’t handle the matter anymore, so he had to let Li Daya and her son go back to the hotel for the time being, and wait for him to investigate clearly before making a decision.

Li Daya felt that these were Lei Zhen’s perfunctory procrastination. In the evening, she took Wang Fugui to stand downstairs in Liu Siyang’s dormitory and clamored for Liu Siyang for abducting the poor middle peasant’s daughter-in-law for abortion. The next morning, a notice was posted downstairs in the dormitory of the Chinese Department. Although there was no surname, a discerning person could tell at a glance that Liu Siyang was the one who brought the female classmate to the abortion.

Ma Jiajun was satisfied to see the sensational effect caused. He asked Hao Jiali for credit, saying that he had helped her take revenge on Liu Siyang. With a satisfied smile on her face, Hao Jiali said, thank him for letting herself figure out that Qiao Huimin’s child is not Liu Siyang’s, and Liu Siyang is still a great talent in her mind. Ma Jiajun didn’t expect the result to be like this.

Li Daya’s mother and her son became more and more uncomfortable. They hung a sign with the word “Help” on their necks and knelt in the principal’s office, insisting on forcing the principal to expel Liu Siyang. Qiao Huimin was very sorry for the trouble she caused Liu Siyang, she decided to go to Wu Laoba for help.

In the evening, a masked man suddenly broke into the room of Wang Fugui Hotel and swollen his nose and face. Before leaving, he warned him to let him go. Li Daya thought that Liu Siyang must have done it, and she took Wang Fugui to the school to make trouble. After investigation, Liu Siyang did not have time to commit the crime at all, and he did not even have time to commit the crime, including the boys in the dormitory. Mother Li Daya was stunned.

Liu Siyang guessed that Qiao Huimin asked Wu Laoba to do it. Qiao Huimin admitted with a smile. In the evening, when Li Daya was putting medicine on Wang Fugui’s face, a strange man suddenly opened the door of their room. The man stared at them silently for a while and then left. Li Daya and her son looked at each other. Unexpectedly, after a while, another strange man suddenly opened the door to stare at them, and then left without saying a word. After a few rounds, Li Daya mother and son collapsed in fright, and they decided to leave the next day.

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