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The Mystic Nine (2016) 老九门

The Mystic Nine 老九门 (2016)
Also known as: 老九门 / Lao Jiu Men / Old Nine Gates

Genres: Mystery, war, drama
China Mainland
Liang Sheng Quan 梁胜权, He Shu Pei 何澍培, Huang Jun Wen 黄俊文
Dragon TV / iQIYi
Release Date:
July 04, 2016
Related Show:
The Lost Tomb (2015)


  • William Chan as Zhang Qi Shan
  • Zhang Yi Xing as Er Yue Tou
  • Zhao Li Ying as Yi Xin Yue
  • Ying Hao Ming as Qi Tie Jue
  • Yuan Bing Yan as Ya Tou
  • Hu Geng Hao (胡耘豪) as Chen Pi A Si
  • Wang Chuang (王闯) as Lu Jian Xun
  • Wang Mei Ren (王美人) as Huo San Niang
  • Zhang Ming En as Zhang Fu Guan
  • Yang Zi Jiang (杨紫茳) as Xie Jiu Ye
  • Huang Zi Xi (黄梓熙)

The drama is a prequel to The Lost Tomb in which the story focuses on the exploits of the nine grave robbing families in the 1940s. With the help of his friends Fortune Teller Qi Tie Jue and Opera Singer Er Yue Tou, General Zhang Qi Shan entered into a strange mine to discover a mysterious ancient tomb. After many untold dangers, he uncovered a Japanese plot to kill the residents of Changsha city. The men banded together to stop the Japanese’s plot, thereby saving their city.

Episode Lists:

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