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20-nen go no Kimi e (2012) 20年後の君へ

20-nen go no Kimi e
Other Title: 20年後の君へ, 20-nen go no Kimi e

Genres: Family
Ishii Yasuharu
Watanabe Chiho
Release Date: 
July 1, 2012
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  • Nakai Kiichi as Sawada Yuichiro
  • Sakaguchi Kenji as Nakayama Hirota
  • Mukai Osamu as Ishikawa Kazuma
  • Kutsuna Shiori as Sawada Mariko
  • Tanaka Kei as Sawada Daichi
  • Kobayashi Kai as young Daichi
  • Hamada Manabu as Yanakami Junichi
  • Okamoto Rei as Egawa Ami

Sawada Yuichiro is a salaryman who is on his way up. He is currently a manager of an infrastructure business, and rumors have it that another promotion is in the pipeline for him. His eldest son, Daichi, is working at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), while his daughter, Mariko, is currently on a student exchange program at the Washington University.

Everything is looking rosy for him, until he goes to Bangladesh for a project. Although Bangladesh is but a quarter the size of Japan, it has approximately 150 million in population, which makes it the most densely populated country in the world. Yet, it is also the poorest country in Asia, with the average income per capita at 80 yen per day.

While in Bangladesh, Yuichiro is shocked to bump into his daughter Mariko, who he’d thought was in Washington all these while. Seems Mariko had joined a NGO group and has been volunteering in Bangladesh as a school teacher. Yuichiro very much objects to Mariko’s decision, and he lets her know about his displeasure.

However, Mariko refuses to give in and tells Yuichiro instead about both her mother and Daichi’s discontent with him. Upon his return to Japan, Yuichiro finds out from his wife that Daichi had actually taken a sabbatical of his job with the METI, to take up design studies. His wife, Yoshino then tells him, “I wish to support our children’s dreams”, followed by, “I wish to live my life the way I want it”…

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