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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 9 Recap

Mother Li Daya and her son brought Qiao Huimin back from Southern University. When passing by Baishan County, she wanted to go to the Revolutionary Committee to find her brother Li Dahu, and ask him to send a jeep to take him back to the village to show off. Unexpectedly, he was told that Li Dahu had been dismissed from his hometown to work as a veterinarian in his hometown when he arrived at the Revolutionary Committee. Li Daya was there immediately. At this time, Qiao Huimin happened to see those who came to the Revolutionary Committee to pull food

Wu Laoba, Qiao Huimin returned home in Wu Laoba’s carriage. Mother Li Daya had to find a way to go home.

When Li Daya mother and son returned home, it was getting late. They walked into the house and saw Wang Baoku and Li Dasha sitting down on the kang with their heads down. Li Daya rabbit dead fox told them sadly about Li Dahu’s removal. Wang Baoku and Li Dasha also told her at this time that they had also been removed. Li Daya wailed and the Li family’s forces were completely over.

Liu Siyang saw that Southern University refused to make up Qiao Huimin. He found Deng Xishi, the head of the department, and handed him his application for withdrawal. Deng Xishi felt that it was a pity that he gave up the hard-won opportunity to study. Liu Siyang said impassionedly that the school’s adherence to rigid rules and unchangeability made him feel that he could not learn useful things in school, so he had to drop out.

Deng Xishi applied to the school to convene a party committee to supplement Qiao Huimin’s matter. At the party committee, Deng Xishi stated that Qiao Huimin was falsified due to political trial materials, and at the same time stated that he agreed with Qiao Huimin’s attitude. Lei Zhen held objections. Finally, the school party committee voted and agreed to hire Qiao Huimin.

Liu Siyang called and told Wu Laoba. Wu Laoba flew back to the educated youth point in ecstasy and told Qiao Huimin. Qiao Huimin finally waited until this day, she almost cried with joy. When the educated youth and fellow villagers bid farewell to Qiao Huimin, Li Daya and her son stood angrily in the crowd with bitter faces. Qiao Huimin finally sat in the same classroom with Liu Siyang.

Hao Jiali met her neighbor Ma Jiajun at the school gate when she was over. He is a worker, peasant and soldier college student, one term higher than her. Ma Jiajun seemed to have a good impression of Hao Jiali, he asked Hao Jiali how to run back every day. Hao Jiali said coldly that Liu Siyang let herself cede the bed in the dormitory to Qiao Huimin.

Lei Zhen called Mei Fengju, the party secretary of the Chinese Department, to the office. Lei Zhen told her that he had been opposed to making up Qiao Huimin. Now that Qiao Huimin and Liu Siyang are in the same class, he told Mei Fengju to pay close attention to both of them and never make a style scandal.

Liu Siyang wanted to completely rescue Qiao Huimin from the fire pit. He knew that Wang Fugui would not agree to a divorce. He had already consulted a teacher who taught the law, and he could only file for divorce in the court. In view of the fact that there is no tension at the beginning of school, Liu Siyang and Qiao Huimin plan to return to Kaoshantun to do this.

After Qiao Huimin returned to Kaoshantun, she went to find Malian, hoping that she would be able to testify for herself at that time. Malian accepted it in one bite. Qiao Huimin also went to Wang Fugui’s house to tell him about his decision to divorce. Wang Fugui firmly disagreed. Qiao Huimin informed him that he had sued the court.

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