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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 8 Recap

Li Dasha proudly took the captured Liu Siyang and Qiao Huimin back. He felt that Liu Siyang had fallen into his own hands again, and he was ready to take care of him when he returned. However, Liu Siyang said confidently that he would definitely be sent back. Sure enough, as soon as the voice fell, two police cars caught up with them and demanded to bring back Liu Siyang and Qiao Huimin. Li Dasha was still domineering and refused to let the police take them away, and the police arrested them without hesitation.

Liu Siyang took Qiao Huimin to Southern University and brought her to Deng Xishi, the director of the Chinese Department, and reported Qiao Huimin’s situation to him. Deng Xishi regretfully told him that in principle, this supplementary admission only admits day students, that is, those with local household registration. Liu Siyang begged Deng Xishi not to stick to the rules and miss a good student. Deng Xishi promised to discuss it.

Liu Siyang asked Hao Jiali to give up the bed in the dormitory to Qiao Huimin and let her settle down temporarily, because Hao Jiali’s home is in this city, she can go back to live. Although Hao Jiali was upset, she still gave up the bed.

Li Daya suddenly found Southern University with Wang Fugui. After Deng Xishi saw them, Li Daya yelled and accused Southern University of indulging student Liu Siyang with abducting the poor middle peasant’s daughter-in-law Qiao Huimin. Deng Xishi wanted to investigate the details of the matter, but Lei Ting, the deputy secretary of the school party committee, arbitrarily listened and believed that Liu Siyang should be dealt with strictly. Deng Xishi asked them to leave temporarily and wait for the school’s investigation results.

Li Daya and Wang Fugui settled in the hotel. After eating and drinking, Li Daya took Wang Fugui to the Southern University campus to find Qiao Huimin. They found the library with a lot of people and yelled at Qiao Huimin’s name and asked her to come out quickly. The students turned their attention to the discussion.

After Li Daya and her son were expelled from the library, they went downstairs to the Chinese Department dormitory and called Qiao Huimin’s name desperately. Not long after, news of Liu Siyang’s abduction of his wife’s wife spread all over the university campus. Hao Jiali was worthless for Liu Siyang. She told Qiao Huimin that if she really loved Liu Siyang, she wouldn’t put him in such an unbearable situation. She asked Qiao Huimin to go back with Li Daya.

Qiao Huimin found Director Deng Xishi and told him what happened to her and Liu Siyang. Deng Xishi sympathized with them very much. He wanted to make up Qiao Huimin, but Lei Ting firmly disagreed.

The next day, Li Daya mother and son reappeared on campus with trumpets. The students in Hao Jiali’s dormitory despised Qiao Huimin, as if she was a bad woman who eloped with others behind her husband. Qiao Huimin listened to Li Daya’s mother and son crying hysterically downstairs, she was completely broken. She walked out of the dormitory and took away Li Daya and her mother.

Seeing her purpose, Li Daya took the train home happily. When Liu Siyang learned that he had chased the train station, the train had set off with a whistle.

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