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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 7 Recap

Wu Laoba told Qiao Huimin that both Liu Siyang and Hao Jiali had received the admission letter from Southern University, and asked if she had received it. Qiao Huimin was shocked. She guessed that Li Daya must have detained her notice. Qiao Huimin asked Li Daya angrily and asked her to hand over her admission notice. Li Daya did not look up and said that she had not received Qiao Huimin’s notice at all.

Just when Qiao Huimin was frustrated and desperate, Hao Jiali told her that Liu Siyang and Wu Laoba had already gone to the county admissions office, and there must be files to check. Qiao Huimin saw hope again. However, in the evening Liu Siyang and Wu Laoba came back from the county dejectedly. They told Qiao Huimin that she had not been admitted to the university at all. Qiao Huimin was stunned.

Qiao Huimin’s heart fell to the bottom. She originally wanted to leave the devil’s cave of the Wang family by going to university, but now everything has vanished. Liu Siyang looked at Qiao Huimin’s sadness and comforted her. He stopped going to university and stayed with her. When Qiao Huimin saw that Liu Siyang had this idea, she was anxious. She tried to persuade Liu Siyang to give up the idea of ​​abandoning school.

Hao Jiali was in the male educated youth dormitory to persuade them that Liu Siyang must be persuaded to go to university and must not destroy her future. As soon as the voice fell, Qiao Huimin walked in, and she also asked everyone to send Liu Siyang away tomorrow. The next day, all educated youth Yiyi bid farewell to Liu Siyang and Hao Jiali.

As soon as Liu Siyang arrived at school, he began to investigate the reason why Qiao Huimin was not admitted. Teacher Yu, who specializes in enrollment at the school, told him after inquiring that Qiao Huimin’s political review failed because the political review materials indicated that she had beaten the director of the poverty alleviation office. Liu Siyang was dumbfounded, this is simply a crime out of nothing. Liu Siyang tried his best to defend Qiao Huimin, but the enrollment was over and Teacher Yu was unable to recover.

Just when Liu Siyang was desperate, Teacher Yu told him good news the next day. In view of the fact that a large number of talents have not been admitted due to various reasons, the country will carry out supplementary recruitment in the next few days. As long as Qiao Huimin can get the new political review materials, there is still hope to be added, but time is very tight. Liu Siyang was overjoyed, and he immediately decided to rush back to Kaoshantun.

When Liu Siyang appeared at the educated youth spot, the educated youth and Qiao Huimin were stunned. Liu Siyang came to tell Qiao Huimin the good news, and all the educated youths were happy for her.

Liu Siyang took Qiao Huimin and prepared to leave to find Secretary Sun in the county. Secretary Sun has now been promoted from secretary of the commune to secretary of the county party committee. When Qiao Huimin happily followed Liu Siyang and was about to leave, Wang Fugui came over suddenly. All the educated youth hugged Wang Fugui together under the hint of Liu Siyang’s eyes. Liu Siyang and Qiao Huimin escaped smoothly and ran out.

Wang Fugui hurried back to report to Li Daya, saying that Liu Siyang was going to abduct his wife. Li Daya was furious, so Li Dasha chased him immediately. After Liu Siyang led Qiao Huimin from the small road to avoid Li Dasha, he designed to join the county revolutionary committee to see Sun Shoutian. Qiao Huimin told Sun Shoutian that her political trial materials were falsified and could not go to college. Sun Shoutian immediately ordered the Organization Department to thoroughly investigate the matter.

Qiao Huimin and Liu Siyang were waiting for news in the county seat. In the hotel, Qiao Huimin was very frustrated, and she worried that she would still be unable to succeed this time. Qiao Huimin shuddered at the thought of returning to the Wang family. Liu Siyang immediately decided to take Qiao Huimin back to Southern University.

The next morning, Wang Fugui, Li Dasha and others stood at the coach station. They thought that if Liu Siyang wanted to take Qiao Huimin to escape, he would definitely leave at the station. Sure enough, soon after Wang Fugui saw Liu Siyang and Qiao Huimin appear at the station, they were preparing to board the train. Qiao Huimin also discovered Wang Fugui.

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