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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 6 Recap

Liu Siyang felt like a knife to Qiao Huimin’s marriage to Wang Fugui, and he still couldn’t get past this hurdle. Hao Jiali looked anxious in her eyes, she went to Malian to persuade Liu Siyang. Malian saw Liu Siyang’s painful and decadent appearance and tried to persuade him to want to drive some. Under Malian’s persuasion, Liu Siyang gradually solved the troubled knot of happiness.

Liu Siyang went back to the educated youth point to tell everyone that if they hadn’t sacrificed Qiao Huimin, these people might now be in deep prison. So they should be grateful to Qiao Huimin for everything they have done. According to the custom, tomorrow is Qiao Huimin’s time to return home. He suggested that everyone take out all the money they have to buy a decent return banquet for Qiao Huimin and buy another red sweater for Qiao Huimin. Everyone gave it all. Finally, Liu Siyang asked everyone to chop up some wood overnight to make a sedan chair for Qiao Huimin.

The next morning, all the educated youths carried the rushed sedan chair to Wang Fugui’s house to welcome Qiao Huimin back home. Early in the morning, Li Daya and his wife rushed out of the house when they heard the voice of an educated youth outside the house calling Qiao Huimin. Li Daya arrogantly refused the educated youths to pick Qiao Huimin back. Liu Siyang knew that Wang Baoku was a reasonable and sensible person, and he begged Wang Baoku to agree to their request.

Qiao Huimin heard the shouts of the educated youths running out of the house, and she saw Liu Siyang and all the educated youths outside the house. Liu Siyang looked at her with eyes full of worry, guilt and affection. Qiao Huimin sat on the sedan chair, and the educated youths carried her to sing their favorite song. The originally cheerful songs made them sing extraordinarily tragic.

Going back to the educated youth point and facing the sumptuous homecoming banquet carefully made by everyone, everyone feels heavy with no appetite. Liu Siyang even lost his temper and rushed out. Qiao Huimin caught up with him and urged him to curb his temper in a soft voice. She hoped that he could fly higher and go farther in the future. She said that when she raised her head, she could see him. Liu Siyang took Qiao Huimin’s hand with difficulty, but he was helpless. He didn’t have the ability to save her, so he could only watch her return to the Wang’s house and trade her sacrifice for their common comprehensiveness.

Li Dasha received a registered letter from the postman. Both Liu Siyang and Hao Jiali were admitted to Southern University, but there was no letter from Qiao Huimin. Li Daya put away the admission notice. She had to hold it down for a few days, and waited until the beginning of school to catch them by surprise, so that they could make new tricks before leaving. Li Daya then asked Li Dasha to pick up Qiao Huimin from the educated youth point. She was worried about the long nights and dreams. Li Dasha comforted her that the educated youth did not dare to play tricks, otherwise he would still arrest them.

Liu Siyang also thought of this. So he helped Qiao Huimin pack her bags with a heavy heart and prepare to send her back to Wang’s house. Li Dashou came to the educated youth point and was very satisfied with the look of their wits. Qiao Huimin walked out of the educated youth spot under everyone’s watch. Just after she walked a few steps, she turned around and saw the male educated youth kneeling down.

Back at Wang’s house, Qiao Huimin cut off her two big braids with scissors. She entangled each strand of hair with wool. She would use this wool to knit a sweater for Liu Siyang, so that when he put it on, she would hug him tightly.

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