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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 5 Recap

Dasha Li felt that he was only one step away from successfully catching Qiao Huimin, and he had to hit Qiao Huimin with a final punch. Li Dasha brought two militiamen to the educated youth spot aggressively, and he involuntarily captured all the male educated youth who participated in the gun robbery. Qiao Huimin finally collapsed.

Qiao Huimin hobbled to Wang Fugui’s house and told Li Daya that he agreed to marry Wang Fugui, but asked her to release all the detained educated youths. After speaking, Qiao Huimin fainted. Li Daya was overjoyed and hurriedly greeted Wang Fugui to send Qiao Huimin to the hospital for treatment.

In the hospital ward, Li Daya took the marriage certificate to pursue her victory, and she asked Qiao Huimin to put her fingerprint on the marriage certificate. Qiao Huimin knew that she didn’t see rabbits or scatter eagles. If she didn’t press her fingerprints, Li Daya would never let Liu Siyang and others come out. Qiao Huimin was so entangled that she gritted her teeth and pressed her fingerprint on the marriage certificate.

Wang Fugui immediately happily called Li Dasha to report. Seeing that the plan was successful, Li Dasha immediately ordered the release of all arrested educated youths. Liu Siyang and others couldn’t believe it when they heard the news. He was worried that Dasha Li would use tricks. Once he went out, Dasha might shot him in the back for absconding. Liu Siyang asked everyone to wait and see for a while.

Even though the scheming Li Daya designed to help her son obtain a marriage certificate with Qiao Huimin, she still felt uneasy. So she quietly poured medicine into the water Qiao Huimin drank. Qiao Huimin drank the water in the cup unpreparedly. In the evening, Wang Fugui timidly didn’t dare to offend Qiao Huimin, and Li Daya hated iron for not making steel and blamed Wang Fugui. Under her urging and pushing, Wang Fugui stayed in Qiao Huimin’s ward.

Qiao Huimin woke up in pain the next morning, Li Daya pretended to comfort Qiao Huimin and let her go home with herself. So far, Qiao Huimin has put forward several conditions, one is not to hold a wedding; second, if the university notice comes down, she must not hinder her from going to university. Li Daya hurriedly accepted.

After returning to Wang Fugui’s house, Li Daya happily renewed the house, with bright red happy characters plastering the doors and windows. In the evening, Wang Fugui happily returned to the new house and wanted to sleep with Qiao Huimin. Qiao Huimin took out a pair of scissors and forced Wang Fugui to get out of the room. Wang Fugui was afraid that she would stab herself and self-harm, so he had to crawl out of the new house.

In the evening, Wang Baoku, who was busy with his mother’s funeral, returned home and was surprised to see his son lying in his room. He clamored for Wang Fugui to return to his room. As a result, Wang Fugui told him he could not go back to the room because someone in the room would hold scissors at him. Wang Baoku was at a loss. Li Daya told him with a guilty conscience about Wang Fugui’s marriage to Qiao Huimin during his absence. Wang Baoku was shocked.

Wang Baoku has always been upright and kind. He has always sympathized with and cared for those educated youths who had left their hometowns. He has also been dissatisfied with his wife and brother-in-law who are bullying and doing wrongdoing. When he heard that Qiao Huimin had married his son, Wang Baoku was ashamed and blamed himself. He took a stick and went to Li Dasha’s house to beat him out of the bed.

Liu Siyang and others waited until the night was quiet and found no abnormalities. They carefully left their cabin and returned to the educated youth point. He didn’t feel safe until he entered the house. All the educated youths were overjoyed for the rest of their lives, but Liu Siyang found that Qiao Huimin had disappeared. No one knew where Qiao Huimin had gone. Hao Jiali speculated that she might have gone to the commune.

Liu Siyang led the educated youth all the way to find the past. When I found the commune and saw Sun Shoutian, I learned that Qiao Huimin had never come to him. Sun Shoutian was also very surprised to learn that Qiao Huimin had disappeared. Liu Siyang realized that this must be the ghost of Li Dashou again. Liu Siyang went to Li Daya’s house to find Li Dasha’s theory. Li Daya confidently claimed that Qiao Huimin was her daughter-in-law, and she also took out a marriage certificate to demonstrate. Liu Siyang was silly when he saw the marriage certificate.

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