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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 4 Recap

Qiao Huimin knew that to untie the bell, she still had to be the person who should be the bell. She, Wu Laoba and Hao Jiali went to Wang Fugui’s house to beg Li Daya to release Liu Siyang. She begged Li Daya to be open to Liu Siyang because she and Liu Siyang were orphans. Li Daya proposed to talk to Qiao Huimin alone.

The simple Qiao Huimin thought she was moved by her miserable life experience. Unexpectedly, she suggested to Qiao Huimin that as long as she promised to marry Wang Fugui, she would let Liu Siyang go. Qiao Huimin instantly understood that they were targeting Liu Siyang everywhere because of him. Qiao Huimin denounced Li Daya’s wishful thinking, but after returning from Wang Fugui’s house, Qiao Huimin had a high fever.

Seeing Qiao Huimin’s delay in submitting to Wang Fugui, he became a little impatient. Li Daya asked Li Dasha to find a way to pressure Qiao Huimin to submit. Dasha Li thought of a way to hang a sign for Liu Siyang to parade.

The next day, Liu Siyang stood at the head of the village with a big sign saying gangsters. Li Da silly knocked on the gong and shouted that the villagers came to watch. He wanted to use this to force Qiao Huimin to intercede. Wu Laoba led the male educated youths and arrived angrily with sticks. Li Dasha urged the fellow villagers, especially the clansmen of Malian’s family, to fight against the educated youths, seeing that a fight was about to start.

Liu Siyang scolded Wu Laoba sensibly, and he stopped the development and deterioration of the situation with the prestige of the educated youth boss. When Li Dasha saw the educated youth drop the stick in his hand, he arrogantly pulled Liu Siyang and continued to parade. Wu Laoba knew that Liu Siyang was for them, and he was afraid that things would greatly affect them.

Accounting Liu led other members of the Paoshantun brigade to stop Li Dasha. Liu Accounting righteously criticized Li Dasha for doing things too badly. Then he angrily criticized Malian’s father-in-law and Li Dasha for embarrassment, completely disregarding the reputation of his widowed daughter-in-law, and sorry for his dead son. Malian’s axioms are in jeopardy, and he is ashamed to leave. Dasha Li’s parade has ended.

Li Dasha failed to make a plan and made a living. He asked Wang Fugui to pretend to inform and reveal the news to Qiao Huimin, saying that Liu Siyang would be sent to the commune the next day. I thought Qiao Huimin would take the bait when he learned the news, but who knew Qiao Huimin was not fooled at all. The next day, Dasha Li had to escort Liu Siyang to the commune. Li Dasha took two militiamen, tied Liu Siyang and rode to the commune in a carriage.

Halfway, Wu Laoba took the male educated youth and stopped them. Wu Laoba asked Li Dasha to release Liu Siyang, but Li Dasha ignored him arrogantly, and even let the militiamen fire warning shots. Wu Lao Bayi impulsively surged in blood and brought the educated youth to hand over the guns of the militia. Liu Siyang was shocked when he saw this.

Li Dasha was very happy to see that the guns were handed over. This time he could catch the educated youth’s big mistake. Seeing that the situation worsened, Liu Siyang accompanied his smiling face and asked Li Dasha in a low voice not to care about him, and asked the educated youth to return the gun quickly. Dasha Li threw their returned guns on the ground and refused to accept them. He went back to the village triumphantly.

Wu Laoba finally realized that he made a big mistake on impulse, and he boldly assumed all the guilt. Liu Siyang frowned. He ordered the educated youth to tie up and send them back to Kaoshantun, and hand them to Dasha Li again, and asked them to hang their guns around their necks, and surrendered all the responsibilities. Wu Laoba didn’t want Liu Siyang to bear it for him, Liu Siyang scolded him to listen to his own ideas.

Liu Siyang was locked up again. This time Li Dasha had a full-fledged handle in his hands. He didn’t believe that Qiao Huimin would not take the bait this time. He also gave the militia an order to kill Liu Siyang as soon as he escaped. Wang Fugui and Li Daya seemed to be triumphant when they saw victory in sight. Liu Siyang worried about what impulsive action Wu Laoba would make again. He asked the militia to bring a message to the educated youths. The sky collapsed, escaped and survived. Don’t act rashly.

The educated youths were frowning, and Wu Laoba regretted the evil consequences of his impulsive actions.

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