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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 3 Recap

Li Dasha has been worried about the failure of framed Liu Siyang, and he tried every possible means to get Liu Siyang’s handle again. On this day, he took people to the educated youth spot and accidentally saw a pile of chicken feathers and a small bell. He recognized that this was the chicken from his sister Li Daya’s house. Li Dasha was overjoyed when he caught Liu Siyang’s stealing chicken. He was about to arrest Liu Siyang for theft.

Just when Li Dasha and two militiamen were arrogantly preparing to arrest Liu Siyang, he happened to ran into his brother-in-law’s brigade secretary Wang Baoku hurriedly returning. Wang Baoku knew what his brother-in-law was like. He hurriedly stopped him and told him that Liu Siyang and Qiao Huimin were tied for the first place in the district’s college entrance examination. The commune secretary Sun Shoutian now personally congratulated them.

With excitement and joy, Sun Shoutian sent big red flowers to the two college entrance examination champions with gongs and drums. At the same time, he also praised Hao Jiali, who also achieved good results. Sun Shoutian thanked them for winning the honor for the commune. The young and old in Kaoshantun are beaming and proud. But Dasha Li was eager to grab Liu Siyang after he finished the celebration. Assistant Ma severely criticized him when he learned about it, and berated him not to make public revenge and shame the commune. Li Dasha had to reluctantly dismiss the idea of ​​arresting people.

Li Dasha lost the opportunity to avenge Liu Siyang and was very frustrated. Li Daya and Wang Fugui felt that Qiao Huimin was getting further and further away from them, and it was even more impossible to match Wang Fugui and Qiao Huimin. Li Daya suddenly bowed her head like a frosted eggplant and sighed. However, Wang Fugui kept an eye on him. He compared himself to a little mouse, always looking for a chance to get into the nostrils of this elephant Liu Siyang and completely subdue him. So he quietly hid outside the wall of the educated youth spot, watching and waiting for a good opportunity.

The educated youth held a celebration ceremony for Liu Siyang and Qiao Huimin, who were the top scholars in high school. They toasted and sang and talked. Ma Lian’s son Shuan Zhu suddenly came to Liu Siyang and asked him to go to his home, saying that Ma Lian had something to look for him. It turned out that Ma Lian specially made a large table of dishes to thank Liu Siyang for his long-term care of their orphans and widows. He congratulated him on the title and thanked him for his kind help. When Wang Fugui saw Liu Siyang walking towards Malian’s house, he quietly followed.

Liu Siyang was so kind to Malian at Malian’s house, and he had drank a lot of wine with the educated youth before he came, so under Malian’s enthusiasm to persuade him, he quickly drank unconscious and fell all over. Malian sleeps on the kang with his clothes. Wang Fugui, who had been peeping at them, was ecstatic to see this scene. He rushed to report to Dasha Li.

Li Da silly heard that Wang Fugui said that Liu Siyang had been on Malian’s Kang, and suddenly became angry. He found Malian’s father-in-law and added his jealousy to say that he had discovered the adultery between Liu Siyang and Malian, and asked Malian’s father-in-law to call more people from his tribe to catch the rape.

Liu Siyang was awakened by Malian, and Malian told him to go back to sleep. Just as Liu Siyang stared at him, Li Dasha brought Malian’s father-in-law and his people into the door. Li Dasha lifted the quilt on Liu Siyang’s body and preconceived that seeing is believing. See how Liu Siyang’s sophistry . Malian’s father-in-law angrily scolded Malian for not observing women’s ways and depravity.

When Qiao Huimin and Hao Jiali got the news, they hurried to find Wu Laoba to talk to Li Dasha together. Li Dasha triumphantly told them that this time there was evidence and that he must let Liu Siyang commit a hooliganism. To prove that he was not wronged, he asked Malian’s father-in-law to testify. Malian’s father-in-law said bitterly that Qiao Huimin had indeed misunderstood the person. Qiao Huimin, who had no doubt about Liu Siyang, had a chill when he heard this.

Hao Jiali took the opportunity to persuade Qiao Huimin that even if Liu Siyang made a mistake, she was confused after drinking. Qiao Huimin became even more angry after hearing this, she went back to the dormitory angrily and decided not to care about Liu Siyang. Wu Laoba saw Hao Jiali’s tricks at a glance. He knew that Hao Jiali liked Liu Siyang, so he refused to pursue his own pursuit. What she said was to deliberately provoked the misunderstanding between Liu Qiao and the two, so that she could take advantage of it. Wu Laoba mocked Hao Jiali, even if Liu Siyang broke up with Qiao Huimin, she would not have a chance.

At first, Liu Siyang thought that Dasha Li was only arresting himself for revenge, but after waking up, he heard that he was arrested for adultery and he realized the seriousness of the problem. He knew Qiao Huimin would credulously believe the rumors and misunderstand him. He tore off his cowhide military belt and bribed the militia guarding him, then tore his clothes tore off a piece of cloth, reluctantly bit his finger and wrote the word “injustice”, and finally asked the militia to hand over the blood book to Qiao Huimin. He believed that Qiao Huimin would understand and believe in herself.

Sure enough, Qiao Huimin fell into deep thought after seeing the blood book. At this time, Ma Lian burst into the educated youth dormitory with tears streaming down her face, and then knelt in front of Qiao Huimin with a plop. She cried and told the story of the day, and then swore a poisonous oath to prove her and Liu Siyang’s innocence with her late husband. In this way, Qiao Huimin completely believed in Liu Siyang’s injustice. She decided to find a way to help Liu Siyang clear the grievances.

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