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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 2 Recap

The educated youth finally finished the college entrance examination, and everyone was relieved. As soon as everyone got off the carriage from the examination room, Liu Siyang took Qiao Huimin to find Malian. At this time, Malian was doing housework at home, and Li Daya aggressively rushed to her yard and scolded her, asking her why she broke the glass of Li Dasha’s house. Ma Lian was suffocated at first, but when she saw Li Daya turn the wicked person to file a complaint, she fought Li Daya angrily.

Liu Siyang and Qiao Huimin just walked into the yard, and when they saw it, they quickly pulled them away. Seeing the crowd, the sturdy and fierce Li Daya had to leave in anguish. When she left, she gave Qiao Huimin a push. Qiao Huimin was unprepared and fell to the ground hard. When Liu Siyang lifted her up, her arm could not move and the pain was unbearable. Liu Siyang and others rushed her to the hospital. After diagnosis, Qiao Huimin fell into a fracture.

Liu Siyang felt sorry for Qiao Huimin’s injury, and wanted to get something nutritious for her to replenish her body. So he and Wu Laoba together went to Li Daya’s house to steal chickens. After the two cooperated and tacitly stole the chicken from Li Daya’s house, in addition to patching up Qiao Huimin, all the educated youth also took the opportunity to beat the teeth. Li Daya soon discovered that the chicken had been stolen. She guessed that it must be Liu Siyang’s educated youth.

The educated youth talked about the college entrance examination while working together. Liu Siyang said with confidence that he did not forget to read the books, and he estimated that his college entrance examination results should be good. The educated youth Hao Jiali didn’t believe it, so she took out a love letter written to her by others and asked Liu Siyang to read it and recite it. Liu Siyang never forgot the consequences, and everyone praised him. Just when the educated youth were talking and laughing, they suddenly saw a police car approaching, and Liu Siyang realized that something was wrong.

Li Dasha led the two public security officers out of the car. After the two policemen asked who Liu Siyang was, they asked Liu Siyang to go with them. Qiao Huimin saw Liu Siyang’s heart being caught, and Liu Siyang comforted her to go to university by herself if she couldn’t come back. Qiao Huimin firmly stated that he would not go anywhere and wait for him here.

It turned out that Wang Fugui could not let go of the beautiful Qiao Huimin. Li Daya, who had always doted on her son, asked Li Dasha to help match Wang Fugui and Qiao Huimin. Dasha Li knew that Wang Fugui was not Liu Siyang’s opponent at all, so he reported Liu Siyang’s intentional injury to the public security department.

Liu Siyang’s arrest left the educated youth at a loss. After careful consideration, Qiao Huimin asked Wu Laoba to verify whether Wang Fugui was at home, and then asked him to set a carriage to take Malian and the children who saw Wang Fugui molested her to the Public Security Bureau to report the case and report Wang Fugui molesting women. . It turns out that Qiao Huimin knew that Wang Fugui’s third uncle was the deputy director of the county revolutionary committee in charge of politics and law, and that Wang Fugui and Liu Siyang were in the same case. If Wang Fugui is rescued, then Liu Siyang will also be released.

When Li Daya was busy with housework in her yard, Li Daya brought two police officers to the door in frustration. After they took Wang Fugui away in a police car, Li Daya cried out and tried to fight Li Dasha desperately. The two of them couldn’t steal the rice, so they hurriedly set up a carriage to find Wang Fugui’s third uncle, Li Dahu, to find a way.

Halfway, the carriage of Qiao Huimin and others passed by the carriage of sister Li Dasha and brothers who hurriedly entered the city. Qiao Huimin saw that things had progressed like the steps she had designed, and her face showed a knowing smile. Li Dasha sister and brother stared resentfully at their distant backs.

Sure enough, Li Dahu successfully resolved the matter as soon as he called. After Wang Fugui came out of the detention center, Liu Siyang was released shortly thereafter. The educated youth cheered and celebrated Liu Siyang’s surprise.

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