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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 12 Recap

Qiao Huimin went to the hospital to have an abortion on her own. She said that she is still a student and does not want her children to delay their studies. But Qiao Huimin was embarrassed by the hospital’s request that her husband must sign the operation. When Qiao Huimin was wandering, Liu Siyang came to look for him. After careful consideration, Liu Siyang felt that his attitude last time was tantamount to sprinkling salt on Qiao Huimin’s wound, so he specially came to apologize to her.

Qiao Huimin finally plucked up the courage to tell Liu Siyang that he was calculated by Wang Fugui’s mother and son, and after drinking the water they had taken the medicine, he was insulted by Wang Fugui. She felt that she was not worthy of Liu Siyang. Liu Siyang looked at her distressedly and told her firmly that it was not her fault, she was the victim. Qiao Huimin is very grateful to Liu Siyang for his tolerance and understanding. Finally, she told him about the need for a husband for the operation, and Liu Siyang promised to be her husband and accompany her to the hospital.

Liu Siyang began to borrow money for tomorrow’s surgery. Since they were all poor students, he had to speak to Hao Jiali. Just because Hao Jiali had no money, Hao Jiali borrowed money from Ma Jiajun, a well-off family member. Ma Jiajun saw that Hao Jiali had just been with Liu Siyang, and he guessed that she must have borrowed money for Liu Siyang. And Qiao Huimin just went to Liu Siyang, so he speculated that Liu Siyang was helping Qiao Huimin borrow money. From this he guessed that there must be a secret between them. So he let his good classmate Weichen pay close attention to Liu Siyang’s every move.

The next day, Wei Chen followed Liu Siyang and Qiao Huimin to the hospital. He curiously followed them to the obstetrics and gynecology department. Qiao Huimin introduced to the doctor that Liu Siyang was her husband and could sign the surgical drape, but the doctor also asked for a household register and a letter of introduction. Liu Siyang and Qiao Huimin were dumbfounded. Weichen, who overheard these words, slipped away and told Ma Jiajun of this important discovery.

Ma Jiajun has always liked Hao Jiali, but Hao Jiali just liked Liu Siyang, which made Ma Jiajun regard Liu Siyang as his love rival, so he wanted to target Liu Siyang everywhere. He asked Weichen to inform Lei Zhen. Sure enough, Lei Zhen was shocked when he heard this. This was a serious style problem. In order to be rigorous, he went to the hospital to investigate. The doctor’s words prove that Weichen’s words are true. Lei Zhen was angry.

Lei Zhen told Deng Xishi about this, but Deng Xishi couldn’t believe it. He cherishes Liu Siyang and Qiao Huimin these two talents very much. For the sake of prudence, he specially hired Liu Siyang. Liu Siyang told them the whole story, and said that Qiao Huimin had returned to Kaoshantun to persuade Wang Fugui to sign and agree to her abortion.

It was Wu Laoba who accompanied Qiao Huimin back, and Wu Laoba made people call Wang Fugui to the educated youth spot. Wang Fugui didn’t know why, when he saw Qiao Huimin, he smiled with joy. Seeing his salivating look, Qiao Huimin was holding back his nausea, and she told Wang Fugui the purpose of her return. When Wang Fugui heard that Qiao Huimin was pregnant, he was about to run back to confess his good wishes to Li Daya. Wu Laoba took him back and forced him to agree to go to the hospital to sign the operation tomorrow. Wang Fugui disagreed life and death, so Wu Laoba and other educated youths tied him up forcibly.

Li Daya and his wife went to the educated youth point to find Wang Fugui. She saw from the window that the educated youth pressed Wang Fugui on the bed, and Wang Fugui yelled like a pig. Li Daya immediately called all the relatives in the village, and they took the stick to the educated youth to spot important people. Wu Laoba insisted on life and death, seeing the fight between the educated youth and the villagers ignited.

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