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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 11 Recap

Liu Siyang and Duan Changsuo, a classmate in the dormitory, helped move vegetables to work in the school cafeteria, earning money to improve food for Shuanzhu. Duan Changsuo smiled bitterly. Not only did he earn too little money from working and moving vegetables, but Liu Siyang said that he must persevere and not treat Chuan Zhu badly.

Because Liu Siyang stubbornly refused to write the inspection, Lei Zhen became furious, saying that he would expel him if he did not write the inspection. Hao Jiali couldn’t see Liu Siyang being fired. She asked Qiao Huimin, who had always been resourceful, to discuss a solution. Qiao Huimin asked her to find Song Twelve, a classmate in Liu Siyang’s bedroom. Song Twelve was a master of handwriting imitating, and asked him to imitate Liu Siyang’s handwriting to write a check and give it to Lei Zhen. Qiao Huimin showed Liu Siyang’s past works and Liu Siyang’s advantages to Deng Xishi, because Deng Xishi always cherishes talent. Hao Jiali agreed with her approach very much, and the two began to move in two separate ways.

Qiao Huimin showed Deng Xishi the works published by Liu Siyang, and told Liu Siyang of his many advantages and his unforgettable talents. Deng Xishi didn’t believe it at first, and even called Liu Siyang to the office for testing. Liu Siyang didn’t understand, so he recited an article he had just read to Deng Xishi. Deng Xishi was shocked after hearing this.

Hao Jiali handed over to Lei Zhen the inspection book written by Song Twelve imitating Liu Siyang’s handwriting. Although Lei Zhen promised to forgive Liu Siyang, he despised his practice of turning the rudder on the wind. Deng Xishi ran over excitedly to tell Lei Zhen that he discovered that Liu Siyang had an unforgettable talent. Lei Zhen said with disdain that if Liu Siyang insisted not to write an examination, he would have admired him, but he still gave in.

Ma Jiajun accidentally learned that Liu Siyang of Song Twelfth Gang had written inspections, and he went down to the ground and reported the matter to Lei Zhen. Lei Zhen didn’t expect Liu Siyang to have a personality. At this time Song Twelve brought Chuan Zhu over to find him, and Lei Zhen was surprised to see Chuan Zhu. Chuan Zhu voluntarily asked Lei Zhen to perform, and then took the opportunity to ask him not to expel Liu Siyang, saying that if Liu Siyang was expelled, he would have no food to eat. Only then did Lei Zhen ask that Chuan Zhu was an orphan adopted by Liu Siyang. Lei Zhen suddenly respected Liu Siyang.

Liu Siyang was notified to come to see Lei Zhen. Liu Siyang still looked rebellious. He told Lei Zhen that he was reviewing, and once he was expelled from Nanning University, he would immediately apply for the exam at Peking University. To his surprise, Lei Zhen did not say about the expulsion. Instead, he gave him a note and asked him to take the note and send Chuan Zhu to the kindergarten. Liu Siyang was stunned. Lei Zhen, who has always been serious and unsmiling, even told him with a smile that he arranged Shuan Zhu to enter the kindergarten just to let him study hard. Liu Siyang was overjoyed, he heard what Lei Zhen meant, and he didn’t need to be expelled.

Qiao Huimin suddenly felt nauseous and vomiting that day. After going to the hospital for an examination, she discovered that she was pregnant. Qiao Huimin was struck by lightning. She asked Liu Siyang to tell him the news, and Liu Siyang left without a word. At this time, Wu Laoba had recruited workers and returned to the city. He asked Liu Siyang to drink, but Liu Siyang was full of Qiao Huimin’s pregnancy. He almost collapsed.

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