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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 10 Recap

Dasha Li broke into Malian’s house at night and asked her if Qiao Huimin had looked for her. Malian lied that she had not been looked for. Dasha Li warned her not to mix things with Qiao Huimin, and Ma Lian mocked him for being so arrogant after all the officials were gone. Malian scolded him tiredly and let him go. Li Dasha was so daring and started to take care of Malian. Malian resisted pushing and Li Dasha pushed her onto the bed. Malian struggling desperately, she casually touched a pair of scissors, and Li Da silly quickly let go.

Li Dashou measured Malian without removing his hand, he once again approached Malian and pressed Malian to the ground. Malian frustrated and stabbed the scissors into Li Dasha’s heart. Li Dasha widened his eyes in disbelief, and then died.

When Liu Siyang was in a daze when an educated youth was sleeping, he was suddenly awakened by Malian’s rapid knock on the window outside the window. After Liu Siyang walked out of the house, Malian told him anxiously that her family was in a hurry to leave, and she entrusted her son Chuanzhu to his care. Liu Siyang didn’t have time to ask, Malian hurriedly left.

Liu Siyang always felt that Malian’s performance was a little abnormal, so he woke Qiao Huimin and asked her to go to Malian’s house with him. When I walked into Malian’s house, I saw Malian hanged herself and Li Dasha’s body fell on the ground. The two were shocked.

Li Daya blamed Liu Siyang for the death of her younger brother Li Dasha. She told Wang Fugui to remember that Liu Siyang was the murderer and enemy of Li Dasha. Wang Baoku was surprised at her extreme and inverted claims, but he was afraid that she would not say more about it. He could only persuade Wang Fugui not to be as unreasonable as Li Daya, but Wang Fugui was very supportive of Li Daya’s rhetoric. Wang Baoku had to shook his head helplessly.

Because there was no witness such as Malian, Qiao Huimin’s divorce had to be put on hold. Liu Siyang kept his promise to Malian and took Chuan Zhu away. Li Daya couldn’t swallow this breath. She called Southern University and sued Liu Siyang for abducting her daughter-in-law, and then sued Qiao Huimin for being a female Chen Shimei. It was Lei Zhen who answered the phone at Southern University. He had just held a meeting with the students in the department to remind them that the alarm bell was ringing. Unexpectedly, when this happened, he angrily wanted to punish Liu Siyang and Qiao Huimin.

When Qiao Huimin returned to school, Hao Jiali had packed her luggage and moved back to her dormitory. Qiao Huimin had nowhere to go and had to go to Teacher Yu with his luggage. Teacher Yu looked for Lei Zhen and wanted to ask him to let Qiao Huimin live in a bed that was vacated by the foreign language department. Lei Zhen immediately called Qiao Huimin over.

He didn’t listen to Qiao Huimin’s explanation at all, and severely criticized her, saying that she disliked her husband in the countryside after taking the university entrance examination. Qiao Huimin couldn’t argue.

After criticizing Qiao Huimin, Lei Zhen asked her to find Liu Siyang. He did not listen to Liu Siyang’s explanation, and asked Liu Siyang to write a review, but Liu Siyang refused. Lei Zhen was furious and immediately organized a meeting in the department to criticize Liu Siyang and Qiao Huimin by name. The two looked at each other and could only smile.

In the end Lei Zhen arranged Qiao Huimin in the female dormitory of the foreign language department. Mei Fengju took the initiative to react to Lei Zhen and should transfer Qiao Huimin to her dormitory so that she can be monitored well by putting her under her own supervision. Lei Zhen immediately instructed Hao Jiali to change to the foreign language dormitory and Qiao Huimin back.

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