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Old Engagement 遥远的婚约 Episode 1 Recap

In 1977, the country resumed the first year of the college entrance examination. The northeast rural area is near Shantun Village. The educated youth Liu Siyang is helping the widow sister-in-law Malian chop firewood. Malian looked at the enthusiastic educated youth in front of her, and liked it in her heart. She persuaded Liu Siyang to go back to review his homework as soon as possible, because the college entrance examination was due next year, which was the first year of the college entrance examination that was resumed after ten years.

The educated youth have been gearing up to raise their troops for a thousand days. Liu Siyang insisted on helping Malian finish cutting the firewood with a confident look.

A group of children ran over and told Liu Siyang in a panic that Wang Fugui was surrounding Qiao Huimin to smell the cream on her face. Liu Siyang was shocked when he heard this, he was about to go to Wang Fugui to settle accounts with the axe for chopping wood. Ma Lian was afraid that he would miss tomorrow’s exam by impulsively doing something radical. She hurriedly reminded him to throw the axe and be restrained.

Young and energetic Liu Siyang dropped his axe and ran away. When he ran to the river, he saw Wang Fugui twitching his nose like a mangy dog ​​and leaning on Qiao Huimin. Qiao Huimin is Liu Siyang’s girlfriend. Liu Siyang was furious when he saw this. He rushed to pull Wang Fugui away, and then slammed his fist in the nose.

Li Dasha, the director of Kaoshantun’s health and security, was Wang Fugui’s uncle. He hurried to take Wang Fugui to the hospital after learning the news. Seeing his nephew’s nose was broken, Dasha Li gritted his teeth bitterly at Liu Siyang. Wang Fugui’s mother Li Daya was spoiled and spoiled with him. Seeing that her son had suffered a great loss, she ordered her brother Li Dasha to arrest Liu Siyang and make him unable to take the exam tomorrow.

Right on my mind. However, Wang Baoku, secretary of Wang Fugui’s father’s brigade, fairly criticized Wang Fugui for making mistakes first and deserved the crime. Li Daya blindly protects her son without principle. Wang Baoku shook his head repeatedly. At this time the secretary told him that his mother was critically ill and asked him to go to the hospital immediately. Before he left, Wang Baoku confessed that he must not trouble Liu Siyang, let alone miss his college entrance examination.

When Wang Baoku left, Li Daya instructed Li Dasha to lead someone to arrest Liu Siyang. At this time, in the educated youth dormitory, fifteen educated youths who were about to take the college entrance examination were forming a group to talk about Liu Siyang. They all knew that Dasha Li would not let go, and everyone made suggestions. Finally, they suggested that Liu Siyang hide in the educated youth spot in the nearby village first, and talk about it after the college entrance examination.

Wu Laoba, Liu Siyang’s iron buddies, was going to send Liu Siyang over. As soon as they walked out of the dormitory, Li Dasha brought two militiamen with guns on their backs. He ordered Liu Siyang to be arrested. The educated youth were filled with indignation and accused Li Dasha of public revenge. Li Dasha threatened everyone with a gun. Liu Siyang was afraid that things would make a big mistake for everyone’s college entrance examination tomorrow, so he took the initiative to stop him.

Dasha Li shut Liu Siyang into a small wooden house in the forest. However, Liu Siyang looked unruly and rebellious. Li Da stupidly ordered him to be tied up with rope. Li Dasha returned to Wang Fugui’s house to report the results to her sister. Li Daya felt very relieved and very satisfied. She wanted Liu Siyang to be unable to take the college entrance examination tomorrow and ruin him for the rest of his life. Qiao Huimin suddenly rushed into Wang Fugui’s house.

She knelt before Li Dasha and Li Daya with a plop, crying and confessing to Liu Siyang, begging them to let Liu Siyang take the college entrance examination. Wang Fugui felt distressed when he saw Qiao Huimin’s crying pear flower with rain, and he was busy saying good things to her. Dasha Li had to agree and asked her to go back and wait for Liu Siyang.

Qiao Huimin waited for Liu Siyang until it was dark that she realized that Dasha Li would not let Liu Siyang easily. Seeing Qiao Huimin’s infatuation and worry in the cold wind, Ma Lian wanted to help Liu Siyang, so she went to Li Dasha. Li Dasha, who had been coveting Malian a long time ago, said trivially that as long as she promised to go to her own Kang, she promised to let others go. After a painful struggle, Malian reluctantly agreed to Li Dasha. As a result, Li Da stupidly did not release Liu Siyang at all. Malian suffered a dumb loss and smashed the glass window of Li Dasha’s house in desperation.

The next morning, when the educated youths were preparing for the exam, Wu Laoba suddenly rushed into the dormitory, and he gave each educated youth a stick for them to follow him to grab Liu Siyang. All the educated youths are very embarrassed. Seeing that the exam is about to start in more than two hours, they dare not make any extravagance at this time. Wu Laoba was anxious and angry, feeling that everyone was selfish and only cared about themselves. Qiao Huimin rushed to tell everyone calmly that they are now going to the commune together to report the incident and try to rescue Liu Siyang.

The educated youth rushed to the commune office compound in two carriages. Qiao Huimin instructed everyone to beat the drum on the carriage, and made a big movement to alarm the leader to reflect the problem. At this time, Sun Shoutian, secretary of the commune who took office on the first day among the crowd, stood up and listened to Qiao Huimin’s report. He frowned for a while thinking about the consequences. Qiao Huimin and others went to the examination room immediately. He now called Kao Shantun to let them release, and at the same time ordered the commune public security assistant horse to drive quickly to pick up Liu Siyang in person.

At this time in Kaoshantun, Li Dasha arrogantly went to the cabin to interrogate Liu Siyang, only to find that Liu Siyang had escaped, so he quickly got into the carriage and chased him. Liu Siyang, who had escaped at this moment, grabbed the fellow’s bicycle and ran to the test point. On the way, Dasha Li had seen Liu Siyang riding a bicycle not far away. When Liu Siyang was flustered, the bicycle chain suddenly got stuck, and he fell to the ground with exhaustion and watched Li Dasha chase him up. Liu Siyang felt that everything was over.

When they hurried back to Kaoshantun, they found a jeep waiting in the village. Li Dashou didn’t know why. Accountant Liu from the village told him about Secretary Sun’s phone call to explain. Li Dasha was stunned, and had to watch Assistant Ma drive away with Liu Siyang.

At the moment at the college entrance examination site, Secretary Sun accompanied Qiao Huimin and waited for Liu Siyang. Qiao Huimin told Secretary Sun that he and Liu Siyang had agreed to take the same university together, so if he could not take the exam, he would not take the exam. Secretary Sun sighed with emotion. Just as they wanted to see through, the jeep carrying Liu Siyang galloped in. Liu Siyang finally caught up with the exam.

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