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Go! Goal! Fighting! 旋风十一人 Episode 25 Recap

At Pei Duo’s request, Yu Fei publicly expressed his support for Mu Qi. The comments on the Internet also let Mucci return to the team, and even the leadership of the Education Committee called Zhong Yan, saying that the children should not be disappointed, and quickly invite Mucci back. With the joint efforts of Pei Duo, Zhong Yan and Lu Jie, Mu Qi finally agreed to return to the school to coach the team proudly. Lu Jie also agreed to Zhong Yan and fully cooperated with Mu Qi to play the next game well. Zhong Yan told Lu Jie that she was very happy to see that Lu Jie, who was formerly grand and innocent, had finally returned.

Mucci returned to the team and the players were very excited. Everyone asked about Xie Yu’s past. They thought it was an embarrassing topic, but Mu Qi said openly: After the professional league, he started a business, but he lost everything. He passed the A-level coaching certificate, but no club wants to use him.

Later, I had to use my last savings to open a football training organization with my friends. He told the players that he really started a new life after meeting them. The players were impassioned and promised to work hard to win the next three games as a gift to Mucci’s freshman.

Mu Qi teased Pei Duo and asked her if she really liked herself. Pei Duo denied it shyly, but his face flushed unconsciously. Zhong Yan and Pei Duo had dinner and asked her if she fell in love with Mu Qi, but Pei Duo asked if it was obvious. Zhong Yan smiled indifferently and told Pei Duo that Mu Qi must also like her.

On the other side, Xiao Hei chatted with Mu Qi, and Mu Qi told him that he also saw that Pei Duo liked him. But she is the eldest lady of the Pei Group, but she is indeed a downright pauper, how could they be possible. Xiao Hei gave Mucci a little confidence in himself.

The last group match kicked off. The National Normal University has studied the video of Cuiying’s previous game. Knowing that Gu Mo is inexperienced, they stormed the right side of the team and successfully scored two points. The first half ended. Cuiying fell behind by zero to two and everyone was very frustrated. In the lounge, Mucci encourages everyone, the most exciting thing is the comeback against the wind.

He rearranged the tactics for everyone, allowing Qin Minghao to use his personal ability to seize the shot. Since the opponents are blindly defensive, they will not show their heads and bravely put them to death.

But in the second half, the opponent scored another goal. At this time, Mu Qi sent Guan Wenfei on the court. Through cooperation with Ding Yu, Guan Wenfei successfully scored a goal. Soon, the opponent fouled, Qin Minghao scored a free throw, and Cuiying scored another point. He yelled “I did it” to his father off the court, and the father in the stands was moved and was sincerely proud of him.

Cuiying kicked out momentum, and the players were all excited. Wang Jingke and Ding Yu scored another goal respectively, and Cuiying finally won the game four to three! Everyone cheered on the court and celebrated the victory. Ding Yu even “confessed” to Pei Duo on the spot, and Pei Duo yelled at him. Mucci looked at them and thought of the happiness he once had.

At the celebration party on the beach the next day, Pei Duo was dressed purely and pleasantly, and kept surrounding Mucci. On the other side, Wang Jingke also said to Qi Qi that he must be admitted to the same university as her; Qin Minghao said hesitated to He Xin and stopped.

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