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Go! Goal! Fighting! 旋风十一人 Episode 24 Recap

Pei Duo told the players that the post was not made by Mu Qi at all. He was so drunk that he could not post on the Internet. When the players learned the truth, they were also relieved.

Minghao’s father, Qin Yuanshan, went to his former friend, Mr. Wang, and hoped that he would help Minghao to get another chance for Manchester City to try out. But seeing that this is different from the past, Mr. Wang immediately turned his face to deny people, and humiliated Qin Yuanshan. Ming Hao rushed over, helped his father who was kneeling on the ground up, and carefully persuaded him. Ming Hao told his father that he would work hard and embark on a career path.

Lu Jie worried about Zhong Yan and wanted to discuss the countermeasures for tomorrow with her, but Zhong Yan said that he wanted to be alone. Zhong Yan sent a text message to Mu Qi, apologizing to him for what had happened.

At the investigation meeting, Zhong Yan admitted that she had a good impression of Mu Qi and truthfully explained all the truth. Finally, I emphasized that Mucci is a good coach. Yang Fan seized the opportunity to slander Zhong Yan’s mistakes. The leader decided to let Zhong Yan “rest and rest” first, and Yang Fan would manage the school.

At this time, Mucci arrived suddenly, and he said that it was because his girlfriend Pei Duo was the leader of Cuiying, so he also came here as a coach. He holds the highest level of coaching qualifications, and he does not need to go to the back door to be a coach in a middle school. So this matter must have been malicious slander, and the leader must give him an account, or he will make the matter a big deal. Mu Qi took out an investigation report, which showed that the IP address of that post came from Cuiying. Yang Fan’s face was very ugly.

The leader accused Yang Fan and asked him to clarify things later. He told the school that Mu Qi must be well placed and resumed Zhong Yan’s position.

Pei Duo grasped the characteristics of Mu Qi’s “face-loving” and decided to help him save his face, so that Mu Qi might change his mind and return to school to teach again. She led the team members to send text messages to Mucci, pull up banners on campus, and urge the teachers to call Mucci back to school.

The classmates and teachers reposted Moments and Weibo together to support Mu Qi and support him to return to the position of coach. Seeing that Pei Duo worked so hard for Mu Qi, the teachers all joked that she was so kind to her boyfriend. This time Pei Duo was no longer eager to argue, but showed a faint smile.

Pei Duo came to Yufei for help, and Yu Fei saw Pei Duo’s feelings for Mu Qi. She encouraged Petuo to accompany Mucci and promised to help Mucci. Pei Duo walked alone, recalling the scene with Mu Qi, and couldn’t help but smile.

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