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Go! Goal! Fighting! 旋风十一人 Episode 23 Recap

Wang Jingke introduced Mu Qi to his father, telling him that the current Mu Qi is definitely not the Xie Yu of the year. But Jing Ke’s father, as a veteran veteran football fan, was disappointed with Xie Yu back then, so he refused to let his son play with such a person.

In the face of this sudden turmoil, Mucci knew that he could no longer stay in the team. Seeing that the difference was imminent, Mucci and Pei Duo fell into sadness. Mu Qi pretends to be strong, but Pei Duo still cannot conceal his inner loss.

It’s not only that Cuiying can’t stay, but Mu Qi can’t even open a football training institution. When the parents saw the report and learned the truth, they came to denounce Mucci and demanded the school refund the money. Mu Qi proposed to change the legal person’s name to Xiaohei’s, to separate himself from the school. But Xiao Hei firmly opposed. Mucci confessed to Xiaohei and opened the training institution well, otherwise he would feel more guilty.

Zhong Yan told Lu Jie that Mu Qi had been fired by herself. Qi Qi happened to hear this, and Qi Qi told the players. The team members were very angry and decided to unite and talk to the principal. However, as the principal, Zhong Yan still had to consider the interests of the school more, so the two sides did not negotiate.

Wang Jingke and other team members sat in school to protest in order to keep Mu Qi, Qi Qi found Pei Duo to inquire about Mu Qi’s whereabouts, and wanted Mu Qi to come forward to persuade the players. Pei Duo found Xiao Hei, but Xiao Hei also said that he didn’t know where Mu Qi was going. Pei Duo made up his mind to ask Xiao Hei again the truth about Mucci drinking and kicking a fake match. Xiao Hei promised to help Mu Qi keep a secret, only to say that Mu Qi is a loving and righteous person, and then left alone.

Mucci, who can’t be found in the world, was drunk in a bar alone. After receiving the notice from the waiter, Pei Duo sent the drunk Mu Qi home. In Mu Qi’s home, Pei Duo saw Mu Qi’s past trophies, as if his youthful, youthful past events had surfaced in front of her, Pei Duo couldn’t help but feel full of emotion.

Pei Duo returned to school and saw that the team members were still sitting and protesting, but their young faces already smelled of fatigue. Pei Duo tried his best to persuade and promised to do his best to keep Mu Qi, and the players were willing to leave.

A post published in the name of Mu Qi appeared on the Internet, slandering Zhong Yan. The content of the post probably said: Zhong Yan has a good impression of Mu Qi, so he invited him to be a coach, and promised to keep his past secrets for him. Zhong Yan has repeatedly used his position to help the team win.

But Pei Duo carefully discovered that this post was published at ten o’clock last night, but at that time Mucci was so drunk in the bar that it was impossible to post.

Lu Jie asked if Yang Fan’s post was made by him, but Yang Fan refused to admit it. He also arrogantly told Lu Jie that the leaders attached great importance to this matter and would come to the school to hold a discussion meeting tomorrow.

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