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Go! Goal! Fighting! 旋风十一人 Episode 22 Recap

Lu Jie worried that Zhong Yan would be tired of Mu Qi, so he came to the training institution to find Mu Qi in the evening and asked him to do things alone. Xiaohei remembered that he was the person who pretended to be the parent of the student two days ago to investigate Mucci’s coaching ID, and Mucci also learned where the storm came from. Xiao Hei was anxious and drove Lu Jie away.

The next day, the training time came, but there were no players on the court. Pei Duo told Mu Qi that they might not accept the fact that “Mu Qi is Xie Yu”. In fact, the hearts of the team members were not without entanglements, and they gathered together to discuss. Under the leadership of He Xinyan, Qin Minghao and other players, most of the players are willing to give Mucci another chance.

Pei Duo found Xiao Hei and asked him to verify the truth of what happened back then. Xiaohei told her that Mu Qi had helped herself a lot before, and it was because he had offended others that Mu Qi was poured three pounds of liquor on the day of the game. Afterwards, he took the matter all by himself and was expelled from the team. Xiao Hei was also found out later, which ruined his career.

At the prompt of his roommate, Pei Duo found out from Mucci’s love history, and wanted to learn more about the truth of the year. It turned out that back then, Mu Qi rescued Yu Fei, and the two met and fell in love. But when the scandal broke out in Mucci, Yufei and him couldn’t stop it… Pei Duo told her roommate that Xiao Hei also mentioned a “Nana” today, and she didn’t know who was sacred.

Zhong Yan saw Mu Qi’s current state and felt relieved a lot. She believed that Mu Qi would become better because of these experiences. She cleverly revealed her heart to Mu Qi and wanted to work with him to rewrite the future. But Mucci declined her, saying that he regarded her as a leader and a good friend. He would definitely lead the team and achieve more victories.

Yang Fan saw that Lu Jie Gu Nian Zhong Yan couldn’t go down, he decided to drive away Mu Qi himself. The next day, he brought the players’ parents to denounce Mucci. But the players all spoke for Mucci, and the parents said nothing to change their support for Mucci.

The house leaked by night rain, not only the parents, but even the media reporters came to inquire about the status of the “bad star” Xie Yu. Zhong Yan couldn’t handle it, but at this time Lu Jie stepped forward to show that Mucci was the coach he invited.

Mucci rushed to the conference room and told reporters and parents that he came to the school as a coach because he still loves football, especially when he met these lovely players, he rekindled his passion for football. But the parents still reluctantly believe that he can not lead the team. Mu Qi calmly expressed his position without humbleness, and then turned around and left.

Petuo fights injustice for Mu Qi. She thinks that the parents don’t understand what the real Mu Qi is like, and Mu Qi will always have a nonchalant expression and will not explain.

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