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Go! Goal! Fighting! 旋风十一人 Episode 21 Recap

The fierce competition officially began, and the players tried their best. Through the cooperation of Wang Jingke and Guan Wenfei, Qin Minghao got a free throw opportunity. He used the force method taught by Mucci and successfully scored a goal. The father in the stands next to him saw his wonderful performance, and he was sincerely proud and applauded.

Cuiying won the game, and everyone was laughing and running on the beach to celebrate the hard-won victory.

Upon hearing the news of the team’s victory, both Yang Fan and Lu Jie were annoyed. Yang Fan asked Lu Jie to review the provincial league system, trying to find a place that could be used by him, and then borrow from it. Lu Jie took a closer look and told Yang Fan: The coach of the provincial league promotion team must have a coaching qualification certificate. Mucci may not.

Lu Jie called Mu Qi to the conference room. Teacher Li from the Provincial League Supervision Committee was waiting for him. Teacher Li said that he came this time because he received a report. Some people questioned his coaching status and asked Mu Qi to show his coaching qualification. For a while, Mucci was in a dilemma. The clock came, indicating that Mucci is the regular coach he invited. However, Mr. Li has a tough attitude. If the certificate cannot be obtained after two days, the team may be disqualified from the competition.

Yin Jian guessed that Mu Qi would definitely not be able to produce his coaching qualifications and gave Pei Duo an idea: The most important thing at the moment is that Cuiying can continue to play, so the best way is to change coaches. Pei Duo said that this is a major issue and should be discussed with the team members. Faced with the opinions of changing coaches, everyone clearly divided into two factions. Pei Duo told Mu Qi what the players thought, and Mu Qi was deeply moved.

If the certificate is presented, then Mucci’s past may be revealed. Xiaohei said that no matter what Muki makes, he will carry it with him. In order to let the players continue to play, Mucci took out his certificate. This certificate made Teacher Li’s eyes shine. It turns out that Mucci’s certificate is an A-level coach qualification certificate issued by the AFC, which is the highest level coach qualification certificate in China.

But everyone also learned that Mu Qi’s real name was Xie Yu. Teacher Li is obviously no stranger to Xie Yu… and Qin Minghao also realized that “Xie Yu” is not an ordinary football coach.

Through the Internet, everyone quickly learned the hidden story behind the identity of “Xie Yu”, and Mucci’s past was dug up: Xie Yu became famous as a teenager and is a veritable football genius. However, he was injured in a game, it was difficult to return to the top, and was abandoned by the club. Later, he was involved in the turmoil of drunkenness and passive loss.

Everyone is brooding about Mucci’s past, and Mucci himself has fallen into self-doubt. But Xiaohei told him that since he became Cuiying’s coach, his passion has been rekindled by the players. So he should not give up on himself, but should continue to be an “unbeatable Xiaoqiang.”

Yang Fan and Lu Jie are triumphant after unearthing Mucci’s past scandals. The two of them discussed the next step to expand the influence of the incident so that both students and parents would know about it.

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